Friday, September 16, 2011

Creating a World #2

Building an entire world in which your sims will live their lives is a very long, tedious, but ultimately rewarding endeavor. I'm sure it's probably not all that interesting to hear about, but fear not! Tomorrow I'll get back to glitch testing. I still have to see if the grim reaper is a lost cause. For now, let's see what kind of progress I've made.

After raising and lowering the terrain around the perimeter (and for the river/lake) I had to make that area a "no sim zone". Meaning sims can't randomly walk along the top of the mountains to get somewhere. This is accomplished quite easily with a paint-like tool.

With that in place the next step is to make the very outter perimeter a "no camera zone". This way the camera won't randomly bob up and down sporadically or get stuck inside the mountains for some reason. And if it works well enough, I'll never see the edge of the map! Except along the beaches. This uses a similar (but different) paint-like tool.

After accomplishing this simple, but easily forgettable, task it was time to sit back and look at my map. I know I want everything (or mostly everything) aligned on the same grid. No problem, just click the "snap to grid" button. Since everything will be along the grid the easiest thing to do would be to place a lot and build a street off of there. So I grabbed a blank piece of paper and sketched out a rough blueprint of where everything should be situated, picked an area that is easy to coordinate, went down my list to see what size lot I'd need for a building in that area and got to marking.

Ta-da! So what's it going to be? Why, the Landgraab Science Facility, of course!

And just look at all those trees! I decided the whole outside ridge will be covered in these "very tall fir" trees. I also put some . . . other kind of tree around the science facility. While I was looking for the street signs I kept coming across other decorative touches that would make perfect sense in this area. Added some spawners (another thing I'll have to be sure to add a LOT of), a simple starting road, two more lots for the military base and a bar for people who work in this area and voila! Here is the beginnings of Oasis.

Like I said, though, this is a very long, very tedious process and tomorrow (if I have the time) I will be taking a proper sim-playing break so you can look forward to more story and less narration. You're welcome. ☺ <~Can you see that? A lot smaller than I expected.


  1. cool. looks like they really improved the neighborhood building tools. well, "improved" if you are very anal and have a lot of time on your hands. kind of makes it tedious for the rest of us.

  2. Yeah, even with all this freedom I still very much prefer town-building on 2.


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