Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creating a World #1

Don't worry, sims is still working fine. I'm not having to cut off yet another story early. This is more an interjected project. After having to uninstall, and subsequently reinstall, everything I found myself townless. Sure there are the premade EA towns, but those aren't as well-rounded as Moonlit Shores was. So mine was a bit plain, lacking in those fine details that "make" a town. Like streetlights and trees. But it was mine, and I liked it. Since sims is working as well as it is for everybody else (with just a few EA glitches they need to take care of) I'm working on rebuilding my own town. No longer Moonlit Shores, this one will be called "Oasis". Hopefully I'll get to keep it. I've got all the lots I'll need written down and copied into the library, but first things first. Making the town!

Last time I got a bit lazy and used one of their rolling terrains which made some areas of town a bit blocky and made some of my streets.... rediculously angled. This time I started flat. Just put a beach along one end, mountains around the rest, and a river flowing through the middle to the lake. Which is nestled in the mountains. I painted the beach area to look like a beach.

And I darkened up the lake bed in the mountain region. I enclosed most of it, but I left a bit so I can put a park or something up next to the lake. As much as I love the waterfall in Sunset Valley, I'm not willing to go through the trouble of figuring out how to do that myself.

So there is the beginnings of Oasis. Next stop will be mapping out where I want everything situated and putting in the streets. Hurray for streets!! I'll even put in street lights and maybe even walking trails to stuff. Which means I'll have to use that "don't walk here" paint so sims aren't wandering willy-nilly through the forest because, yes, there will be trees! What am I getting myself into?......


  1. ...but if no sims are wandering in the forest, what will the werewolves eat? :(

  2. Hrm. I'll worry about that if we ever get werewolves. lol


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