Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Look in my Phone

It's that time again! (to make bubbles with our spit?) I've reached the requisite (not really, it's more coincidence) seven random pictures in my phone (I hate that they save out of order when I remove some and leave others) and I have a little bonus video for you. Just for stopping by! Aren't I swell? Let's see what I have for you today.

I already know you're going to call me a cheater because I have two sets of two (instead of just one like last time), but you're getting a video out of the deal so be nice. These first two are random shots because for some reason I'm a tad obsessed with my shadow. No, it's not a lingering crush on Peter Pan or any such stupidity. I just find it fascinating, is all. Also.... it's very mysterious. Totally vanishes when the lights go out and I don't know where it goes or what it does! A little frightening. Anyway, here's my shadow.

These next two have a little story behind them. See, our friend Ricky is supposed to be moving back to San Antonio soon. We'll miss him terribly. Well, when he moved from his old place into the place he's currently staying he dropped a lot of stuff on us. Stuff he couldn't stand to throw away; stuff he wants us to hang onto until he gets settled in San Antonio. Included in the trunk-full of stuff was some candles. (were some candles?) Since it's not blistering hot in here day to day (though that looks like it may be changing again) I've decided to start lighting them. Right next to me since Frankenputer isn't overheating anymore either. It adds a touch of ambience and gives me something pretty to look at while things load. In the second picture you can see the second candle behind the main one, and the bit of duct tape from my facebook photo of myself with Hello Kitty duct tape over my mouth. Yes, I just took it off and stuck it on my computer. You got a problem with that? Anyway, I took these pictures with the intent of sending one (whichever came out best) to Ricky, but.... his current phone doesn't get pictures. But at least you get to see them.

This one seems really random, but really it's not. It looks like you're looking at my character's pip-boy on the tv, right? Well, you're not. What you would be looking at (if I still had my hp photo editor) is a ginormous gecko on the wall. I probably should have tried to grab my camera that has a flash, but these buggers are quick! and the flash takes forever to load. I really would like to get a snazzy new camera one of these days, but.... budget constraints prevent such an extravagant purchase at this time.

This next one should have been a lot funnier than it is. While I was in the bathroom Aaron decided to go ape-nuts in New Vegas (after saving and before switching over, because then there's no real harm done) and killed the doctor in Goodsprings. The way he had it set up it looked like the doctor's head was kissing Boone there, but by the time I got myself and my phone situated to take the picture the screensaver kicked in and screwed up the whole thing. I re-picked up the head, but the best I could manage was this shot here that looks like a two headed Boone-Doctor creature. If it looks familiar that's because you probably saw it on facebook before coming here. Some things are too funny to keep pent up in a blog viewed by so few.

Unrelated to the previous picture (honestly!) here is something I found ultimately hilarious. Apparently enema directions are so simple they don't feel the need to include an insert. Oh no, the directions are all on the box itself. Even when the directions include example pictures like those found below.

Do I like the image of a gender-neutral individual all bent over with his/her ass in the air? Maybe. Finally, that fantastical little treat you've been waiting for. The video! I was making ramen earlier (today? last night?) and I'm always nearly hypnotized with the way the noodles sort of swirl around and stir themselves in the pot once I get a good boil going. So I took a video. My intial intention was to message it to someone as a laugh, but.... I changed my mind. What do you mean "why"? I just did, ok? Maybe I'm trying to not be a pest. That ever occur to you? Whatever. Just watch the rolling ramen and relax.

There you have it. This month's edition of random phone-camera captures. Hopefully the anecdotes made up for lack of quality. And now at least one more person is likely to be exposed to my overuse of parenthesis. (I blame too much "Saved by the Bell". How he always cut away and gave extra info to the camera? That's the image I have in my head when I do it.....)

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