Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Digital Wonderland #8

Life is just full of surprises. Most of them the good kind. After that meteor fiasco, and with the pressure of having a family off of me, Shen and I discovered that we were in fact expecting a baby of our own! I'm pregnant!!

Which doesn't make running the house any easier. I haven't made much nectar and I'm shocked my budding grapes haven't withered. I keep forgetting they're there. Arianna, I'm glad to say, is doing quite well in school. The teacher says she's very bright and all the children just love her. She even brought a little friend home from school.

I love that picture of her. She's so cute! I'm a bit sorry to say that between taking care of everybody and helping with homework and bake sales and stuff.... I didn't get any pictures of the baby. I gave birth at home so I wouldn't disturb Shen by having him called to the hospital. Thankfully the maid was there to help me through it. I told her she should go to the hospital and see about getting hired as a birthing nurse. We had a little girl and I named her April. She's such a little handful. In lieu of baby pictures I'd like to share a couple of that laundry bear gnome and his shenanigans.

There. That's almost just as good, right? Fortunately not having baby pictures didn't stop little April from growing up well. She looks just like her daddy, doesn't she? She's brave like he is, too, but I'm afraid she may be absent-minded like me...

After a rough week at work Shen headed back to China to visit with his family. I wish I could have gone with him, but April can't travel yet and I just couldn't bear to leave her with a babysitter for so long. He was very productive while he was away, managing to max out his athletic skill.

Taking some time to meditate at a local Temple.

And he even got to spar with his old martial arts master.

I'm glad he got to go and even happier to hear that the rest of the Su family is doing well. He even remembered to pick up those recipe books so I can make some Dim Sum for Arianna. To be honest, though, I'm a bit exhausted and can't wait until April starts school. I can't believe how quickly things have changed for me since I moved to Oasis!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Digital Wonderland #7

As lovely as France was, it's always good to be back home. Especially this time around. Not only did I have a couple of nectar racks and several bottles of nectar; I now have my very own nectar cellar! Poor Shen about broke his back carting my nectar maker down there, but it really completes the room, don't you think?

While he went off to the day spa to get a super swedish massage, I stayed behind to arrange things with the adoption agency. It was really easy! I decided I wanted a little girl, and a child. Babies are cute, but children are less likely to be adopted so I felt like it was the right decision. Especially when she ran in the house and leapt on me! Her name is Arianna Su. She's kind of a Slob, but she's also a natural Angler and very Exciteable. Oh, and her favorite food is Dim Sum, so I guess when Shen visits his brother in China I'll have him pick up the recipe book for me.

It must have been a long day for Arianna because she was starving. Just look at her tear into that leftover wedding cake! Good thing all the dishes I make are organic and healthy with an appetite like that.

Shen came home and she greeted him equally exhuberantly. He showed her around the house and helped her pick out a new outfit and hairstyle. While they sat and watched some tv I went down to try out my upgraded nectar maker. I may have to install some sort of ventilation system. I don't remember getting this queasy while nectar making in Champs le Sims....

When bedtime came around Arianna didn't put up a fuss. She likes having her very own bed in her very own room. Look at her sleeping so peacefully. And possibly dreaming about her first day of school tomorrow.

It was a bit of an adjustment for Shen and myself getting back into our old routines. Not so much for Arianna. She was up, showered, dressed and ready to go. I hope she has a fantastic first day.

With the house to myself and nothing else to do I whipped up another batch of nectar. While I was squishing the grapes I thought that better quality grapes should naturally make better quality nectar. So I took a couple of bunches and planted them in the yard. I guess we'll soon find out if I'm any good at gardening. After laying a bit of fertilizer I got a call from the school (already?) asking if I'd bake some cookies for their bake sale. Of course I would! First I had to go and buy a recipe book.

The bookstore was super crowded so I wasn't home to greet Arianna. Fortunately Shen's carpool was right behind her bus because suddenly something very strange happened and it got very dark. What's that unusual shadow on the ground there?


Without (much) warning a giant meteor plummeted from the sky and landed right in the middle of the street in front of our house! I was just returning from the bookstore, but Shen and Arianna were both singed from the explosion. So, too, was Cedrick Goldstein; a local celebrity who just happened to be biking past as the meteor came crashing down.

I am so thankful that the three of us were there to put out all of those fires. Yes, three. I guess Cedrick must be Brave too, because he pitched in as well. Poor Arianna was so shaken she could barely move.

Once the fires were all extinguished we stood around a bit chatting about how lucky we all were that nobody was seriously hurt. Cedrick took his leave to go clean up and Shen and Arianna cleaned up as well. Poor Shen had to go right to bed, work starts early in the army.

And unfortunately for Arianna "a meteor landed on my house" is not an acceptable excuse for not having one's homework finished. So we got that taken care of and both went to bed ourselves. What a day this was! I'm almost afraid of what tomorrow has in store.

Digital Wonderland #6

After the wedding we still had two days with his brother, Zhan. It would be quite rude of us to leave on our honeymoon while he was still a guest in our home, right? So we all spent time around town, showing him the sites and sounds of Oasis, which allowed me to rename another chunk of the town! I'm almost done. Shen was issued a challange by my boss (Stuart Cherry, by the way) to jog around town for an hour. An hour? Please, my Shen could do that in his sleep. That was an easy 500 simoleons added to our vacation fund. When he turned in the pedometer Shen found out that Stuart lives right up the street from us. Not only that, what's that in the window?

AW! Stuart has a little girl! I didn't even know he was married. She's such a little cutie. Still, though..... I bet she bites.

While Shen was out schmoozing my boss I spent some more time getting to know his brother. I even had him teach me a tradition Chinese Song, Ping and his Checkers. Zhan says I'm a natural.

And the third day has finally arrived. After seeing Zhan off we finished up a few little things around the house before boarding our own plane for France.

Naturally we spent the first day and night holed up in our room. We woohooed, woohooed, then woohooed some more. We spent a good chunk of our honeymoon trying to get me pregnant. Shen is very adamant about starting a family as soon as possible. I'm totally fine with this, and the best part is the fun of trying. We even woohooed in the communal shower. That was so exciting!

The second day we were both quite sore, so we decided to take some time off and just relax. I wanted to revisit the nectary so I could replace my nectar rack and try my hand at nectar making with some of their free fruits. Shen, being the Brave one that he is, wanted to go on an adventure! He spent the day at the Art Museum tracking down the source of some mysterious noises. He totally did and increased his Visa level! Now if we ever come back (I hope we do, I love it here) we can stay even longer.

Our third, and final, day in Champs le Sims was again spent trying to get me knocked up. I don't think it worked, though... Which is a little frustrating and disappointing. I want so badly to give him a child.

Shen could tell I was getting upset so we spent our last few hours snuggled up on the couch in front of the fire. He said that he never meant to put so much pressure on me and he loves me so much and that if it's okay with me that he is fine with adopting. Adoption, huh? I guess I hadn't concidered it. I'm definitely all for taking in one of Sim City's wayward children. With the pressure off I felt good enough to woohoo one last time in the downstairs communal shower.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goodwill Treasure

For the second time this week I was blue jeans blessed. Maybe it's from being so fat so long, but many times I'll pick up a pair of jeans, eyeball the waistband, convince myself they just won't fit, but try them on anyway just to confirm. And twice this week they have, in fact, fit. The first pair was just rummaged from the clean clothes pile. This second pair was, in fact, a Goodwill Treasure.

I like shopping at Goodwill. That's where I got my Hello Kitty alarm clock/night light. They also have clothes you just can't find anywhere else. Some clothes you can't buy anywhere because they're hand-made. Around here we even get a lot of foreign (usually Asian) clothes. It's fun! On a good day shopping at Goodwill is just like what I always hoped thrift shopping would be. Today was one of those days.

It's nearing the end of September, so naturally it's time to browse all of the local Goodwills for their Halloween selections. You never know what you'll find and some of the costumes would cost up to five times as much in a regular retail store. I could say "I can't imagine why these jeans were hanging up on the costume rack", but honestly I can. Too many people are locked up in their boxes, inhibiting their imaginations and stifling their own sense of adventure. That being said, if they hadn't been hung up on the costume rack I probably wouldn't have found them, so I guess it's not an altogether bad thing. As soon as I saw these $4 beauties I knew I had to have them. Or, at least try them on. I've bought far too many jeans that I really wanted to wear that didn't end up fitting. And so I mustered all of my courage and approached the ladies at the register and asked to be let into the fitting room. I saved them for last (also taking with me another pair of jeans and a skirt) and nearly jumped for joy when the denim gods decided to smile on me.

Look interesting from back there, huh? Let's take a closer look.

I'm not sure if you can see but the front of the one leg got ripped (or cut) and stapled back together.

LO VE butt trumps apple butt

I have, and I do. :D (Really. It's cathartic.)

That's actually pretty good.

I know there has to be some kind of story behind these jeans. Someone put a lot of work into them. I wonder if s/he was just bored one day. There are many different styles so maybe a group of friends did it at a slumber party. Did the previous wearer(s) tire of them? Or did someone's mom get sick of seeing them and threw them in the donation box out of spite? If it was a group of friends, are they still friends? I suppose it's also possible that somebody put this together with the intention of donating them just to see what kind of jackass would actually wear them. Aaron keeps saying that it's all going to just wash off anyway. It's definitely sharpie so maybe not? If so, at least I have these pictures forever. Unless my hard drive blanks out and photobucket disappears. I really need an external hard drive and a fireproof box to lock it in. Anyway, I like them. And I love the way they fit.

And in case you're just dying to know, the other jeans fit but made me look fat and the skirt, while awesome in a home-made hippy kind of way.... just didn't quite look right on me. I would have liked it looser flowing. Next time I have a story like this I'll get pictures of the other players for you.

Digital Wonderland #5

Oh my goodness, I thought this day would NEVER come! I could hardly concentrate at all at work on Friday. Shen invited his brother Zhan to stay with us for a couple of days so he could be there for the big day. How exciting! I didn't even know he had a brother!

He's athletic, like Shen, but that's all I've found out about him so far. There was so much planning to do. I got everything set up and ready (short of putting out the cake), called up all of our friends (okay, our co-workers, but they're our friends too) and invited them over. The ceremony was going to be at five in the afternoon. We decided to have it close to sunset to accomodate our vampiric guests.

I was feeling really nervous so I decided while I was at the salon getting my hair done, I'd get a tattoo as well. Unfortunately while I was there someone had a medical emergency (on my wedding day! How rude!) so I quick zapped him with my handy diagnost-o-meter, gave him a shot and still had time to get my tattoo. I am one amazing doctor.

So, what did I get? I got a post-it on my ankle to help me remember things better and a lotus on my back inspired by my fateful, spur of the moment trip to China.

Oh my goodness, though, that took so much longer than I expected. Thankfully Shen was able to keep our arriving guests entertained while I peddaled home as quick as I could.

I did make it. Just barely in time. The ceremony was lovely if I do say so myself. I'm glad we decided to have our friends there for it. Way better than getting married in the bathroom like some sims.

Our first kiss as husband and wife. Magical beneath the wedding arch and highlighted by the setting sun. Ah, amore.

Shen let me cut the cake while he passed out slices to our guests. Strawberry with white frosting. My favorite!

And what wedding would be complete without the traditional first dance? Especially since that's how we met!

As a wedding present Shen is upgrading my nectar maker! He's so handy. Now when I get around to making my own nectar the flavors will be super concentrated and aromatic. What's not to like about Improved Pressing? And for our honeymoon we're going to France! He's never been and he knows how important it is for me so that's where we're going and it's going to be magically beautiful. I can hardly wait!