Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two dreams

Yep. Due to a very erratic sleep schedule I have two dreams worthy of reporting.

The first was kind of short. I was driving down this long winding road to get to a parking lot so I could do a little shopping. I passed a small wreck or something on the way. I can imagine why. As it was I was driving a little too fast down the road and was bumping and flying (figuratively) all over the place. I didn't end up making it to the parking lot for some reason and just ended up back "home". I had a big room and everything (walls, floor, furniture, etc) was a warm, brown color. I decided to clean up a bit because there was a mess. As I was rolling up something on the floor I found a teeny little turtle and a handful of small, colorful frogs underneath! I vaguely remembered a medium (about a foot across) turtle on the bed and thought maybe it had babies. I got a little box and collected up the baby turtle and frogs. My mom came in and started moving the bed and underneath there was another medium turtle sitting on the back of a big (about 2.5 feet across) turtle! I got scared. More so when I looked closely at the faces. No sooner did I say "those are snapping turtles!" than one snapped at Jet. I could hear the snap and it was loud. The sound of it partially woke me up (it really scared me), but Jet had been flung a couple feet back and was laying on her back with her tongue hanging out. I ran over to check on her and there was no blood and she was still breathing. I asked her if she was ok and she said, "Yeah, I think so." and then I woke up.

The second one took place at this water park I've been to in dreams before. It's not like a normal water park. There's an island in the middle of a lake that flows like a river and the lake/river is the water park. Everything to do is in there. I had built up a 4-trailer mobile-home "hotel" in the center and was heading towards one of the boats to relax when I noticed a baby (my baby? I'm not sure) on a platform down by the water. It was too far to jump to so I jumped in the water and swam over to the baby and grabbed it. I thought maybe I could stand on the platform and toss the baby to someone on the boat, but then everything shifted. Physically. I ended up in the water hanging on to both the baby and one of those water ski rope handle thingies. Whatever I was attached to was going fast and the driver was sure to hit every ramp and game out there. Finally we stopped and I got myself and the baby up onto the land. There was a bit of weirdness involving a blonde girl and some drugs . . . I think she slipped me something. I gave the baby to somebody. . . My mom was there and I put cream on some sores she had developed. Three of them. They weren't bad, just needed cream. I don't know what she did, but (as the person in charge, I guess) I ended up beating the blonde girl (lady . . . mid 20s or so) with one of those foam therapy bats. I remember thinking it wasn't doing any good because I don't have a lot of fighting strength in dreams and wishing I had a proper bat. Not because I was mad at her, but so she'd learn. I showed off the trailer-hotel to a rednecky couple and they were all impressed.

Yeah. I dunno if that second one is a fighting training dream. I can fly, breath underwater, run a bit and shoot fireballs if I have to (usually only if I'm flying), but I can't swing for shit. -_-

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