Sunday, August 21, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #9

And a very hearty welcome back, dear readers. I sincerely apologize for my apparent neglect of the Rittan family. I vow to never again let facebook's "Sims Social" interfere with my legacy challenge again. Although, I might. For those days when sims doesn't want to cooperate and freezes and glitches and I get tired of playing the same day over and over . . . . *ahem* I'm sorry, where was I? Oh yes.

Gunther II looks like Justin Bieber!! Looks aside, his teenager years have been fairly uneventful this week. I mean, he's a sim teenager. He has school every day. Between school, homework, and tinkering with his chemistry set his days are fairly busy. So he hasn't seen Suzette outside of school since their first (fateful?) meeting.

The elder Gunther seems to have put on a few pounds. That's . . . okay, though. He looks better than he did as a stick figure and as a fatso. A nice middle-aged mid-range weight. His disdain for report writing has left him in a slump as far as his job. He's reached the top tier, of course, but hasn't earned himself a raise since that final promotion.

What's this? Oh-ho! It's looks like Jus-Gunther II has discovered something quite worthwhile. Does that potion look familiar? It should. I wonder where he would have gotten the idea to create such a thing?

Not having a strong relationship with his doll did not afford Gunther II the joys of having an invisible (because they are not imaginary! *ahem*) friend. Gertrude, on the other hand, almost only had her imaginary friend. Being practically passed over for the male heir.

Gertrude isn't sure what to make of the gift at first. Gunther II apologizes for how things turned out thanks to their parents' obsession with this "legacy business" and lets her know that he's always appreciated having her as a big sister, even if they weren't overly close. He wanted to do something nice for her before she grows up into an adult and moves away from home. It was quite a touching moment.

Even though he can't fully see what's going on, Gunther II hangs around as Gertrude gives the potion to Annalee. There is a sudden swirling wind whipping around the room, a bright flash of light! As their eyes recover before them stands the very visible, very simmy Annalee.

I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture, but her hair is green. She's a genius, athletic, and I guess kind of lucky. If Gunther II had discovered that potion yesterday she'd be on her way to school with the other two. As it was she became human after the bus showed up and she was excused. Her and Gertrude will be aging up on Sunday so no High School Blues for Annalee. She spent the day helping out around the house and working on her logic skill.

Since you can't move-out a teenager to live by themself Harmony's dream of owning a bar was put off a little longer as Gertrude's room needed expanding to accomodate the newest family member. You probably can't see it, but to the far left is a painting that Gertrude painted of Annalee when she was in her "imaginary" form. I'll try to get a close-up for the next update.

Oh Harmony . . . for being the legacy obsessed die-hard she's not the most stable sim in the bin. She had just been promoted to the fifth level of the music career when she recieved a call from a talent scout. He wanted her to join the sports career. So, of course, the logical thing to do was to abandon the band and flit off to start at the bottom of the athletic career ladder. At least in Sims 3 they don't have easier "elder" versions of jobs so if she wants to keep working her way up (in any career field) she can do so until the day she dies. If she wants to. . . . Hopefully Gunther II's future wife is a bit less flaky.

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  1. aww.. that's so sweet! she got a special gift from justin beiber!


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