Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #8

Given the unusual circumstance in which we last left the Rittans, I wasn't expecting there to be too much to report for a while. Then some things happened, so here we are. Interested? Then let's go.

Since we didn't get to see Gunther II after his age up into childhood, here he is. Heading towards his chemistry set. Interesting that he's a virtuoso. Looks like there might be something to those skill building toddler toys.

Gertrude locked herself in her room and hit the treadmill harder than I've ever seen. She was determined to not look like a pig in a dress for prom and I certainly couldn't stop her. I feel so bad for her, I just want her to be happy...

Looks like she's not the only one hitting the home gym. Harmony's mid-life crisis continues and she wants to be more muscular. Looks like that little endeavor is turning out to be more of a challange than she anticipated.

At least while the women-folk are frantically trying to change the bodies they were spawned with, the men are keeping their sanity. If this family is going to become something then Gunther II is going to have to keep his grades up.

Gunther doesn't plan to be a secret agent forever. So he's taken up writing to build a little nest egg for the future. Unfortunately he's a bit of a fickle writer and has scrapped three books already. I'm sure he'll find his niche.

After making herself more muscley Harmony decided she wanted a new haircut to go with her new body. I'm not a big fan of the boy cut she chose, but Gunther seems to like it so who am I to judge? On the bright side this was her final mid-life wish and she can now enjoy the rest of her adulthood knowing she can still be wild and crazy if she wants to.

And she can also be a good mom. She spent her day off teaching Harmony how to drive. A stressful endeavor for the both of them, but life skills! They're important. And they both lived, so that's good, too.

Equally important is family time. They finally expanded their kitchen area enough to be able to fit a proper dining table in there. If you look closely you can see Harmony with the guitar about to serenade the family with some dinner music.

Is. . . . is that Gertrude?! Looks like all of that time on the treadmill paid off! She won't be winning any "pretty miss" contests, but there is an improvement.

And just in time for prom! Sadly she didn't have time to snag a date before the big event. Don't feel too badly for her, though. While she was there she became romantically involved with a young girl named Noemi. I haven't seen her (so she could be one of those mutant sims) but everybody deserves love.

In seemingly no time at all Gunther II has blossomed into a very decent looking teenager. I'm surprised. He's still working hard and keeping his grades up and not putting too much stock in this whole "legacy" thing. He just wants to live his life and do well.

Unfortunately for him, Harmony has other plans for his future. The moment she heard about a new family purchasing the manor house down the street she was out like a shot to see what was up with them. Meet Gregor and Muffy Elemande. Don't they just sound appropriately snooty? They just moved to Moonlit Shores because Pleasantview was "just not exclusive enough anymore". Well la-dee-da. Did I mention they happen to have a teenage daughter?

Of course they do. A well-mannered young woman named Suzette. She's a cheerleader and on the honor roll and was class president at her last school. Just the perfect future wife for Gunther II, in Harmony's not-so-humble opinion. She called him over straight away.

Did he just do that?! I guess he takes after his father. Fortunately for Gunther II, Suzette really is a sweet girl. She's family oriented and nurturing and Good. If there's going to be any Landgraab-rivaling legacy here, these two seem to have what it takes to keep the family anchored. For as long as their influence remains anyway. I guess only time will tell.


  1. yay! he doesn't look hideous! still feel bad for gertrude, though. skinny or not, she's got a sorry face. :(
    and.. is that computer made of cheese?

  2. hehehe I never noticed before how much it looks like cheese. XD


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