Sunday, August 14, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #7

After a bit of a glitch in the matrix, we're finally able to check back in on the Rittans. Huzzah! I wonder how they've been holding up these past few days?

Oh my. Poor Gertrude. I suppose there is a bright side for her. Gunther has been working so hard and he saved up enough simoleons to build a seperate bedroom just for her. Every little girl needs her privacy, right?

Gunther II is about as ready as he's going to get for his age-up to childhood. While waiting for her maternity leave to finally be over Harmony could be found moonlighting as a bartender in the nearby dive bar known as The Grind. It's not a real popular night spot, but Moonlit Shores is still working on repopulating, so who knows?

Ah, Gertrude. I'm sorry you look so much like your father. But don't worry, the first day of school is rough on everybody. At least she has her friend there to help her through it.

After Harmony was finally allowed back to work she was given her first field assignment. Go to the park and administer free vaccines to new residents. It's like a move-in perk! So many sims showed up, from kids to aging movie stars. It ended up being quite an event.

But, like Gunther, she was told that if she wanted to make it as a legitimate doctor she'd have to dress more appropriately. Look like a doctor! She cleans up quite nice, too, doesn't she?

Even took a little initiative and started doing some independant medical research. First general practice, then a specialty! I wonder what she'll pick?

Hrm. I guess if you can't see the sim that's wandered into the bathroom it doesn't phase you in the least. At least Annalee (the imaginary friend there) is making herself useful. Cleaning the toilet. How nice!

She's also a very good listener. Which is nice for Gertrude. Harmony enrolled her in scouts, but everyone's so busy with their own lives nobody cares how many badges she's earned, or that she won an award for teamwork within the scouts. Annalee cares. Annalee went to the ceremony.

Harmony is so dedicated to increasing her paycheck it didn't even occur to her to celebrate her birthday. Was just another day of skill building and not wondering why Gertrude was talking to herself in the middle of the living room. I wonder if she had thrown a party if she'd still be having a mid-life crisis....

What the hell happened to Gunther?! Late nights inspecting evidence and lunch breaks spent in the workout room have turned him into Frankenstein!! Oh my.

I think the worst part about Gunther's transformation is that Gertrude saw it. "Look how skinny daddy is!" Even sadder is that since he's been neglecting his strength training he was unable to pick her up when she ran to him. Sparking this calisthenic frenzy. Poor Gertrude....

At least their manor house is starting to take shape. Sort of...? It just looks like a mish-mash of rooms to me, but I'm sure somebody there has a plan for it.

Speaking of plans... Or, in this case, lack of plans? Harmony's mid-life crisis took an ugly turn when she walked into the hospital and told the director to shove it. She promptly returned home and took the first job available on the computer. Musician. Why couldn't she just be a bartender? At least she knows a bit about mixing drinks; but music? Pure insanity...

Gunther II's birthday went largely unnoticed (the family's gotten used to him keeping himself occupied and out of trouble) in large part to a shrill wailing from the other side of the house as Gertrude was faced with her new teenage self in the mirror. She was given the Snob trait during her transition and I suppose *that* was too much for her. This family's gone off the deep end....


  1. ugh! poor girl! but the parents are finally starting to look (halfway) decent so maybe there is still hope. i wish i had an imaginary friend who would clean toilets :(

  2. lol Me too! I am hoping I can do something with her. I feel really bad that it's a male-line legacy so she's going to be ultimately forgotten. I just can't let that happen!


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