Thursday, August 11, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #6

The arrival of Gunther II has temporarily calmed things at the Rittan house. Having an heir to the "throne" makes for one less thing to worry about.

It would seem there's a reason that Gunther had to "look the part" of a special agent. Could you imagine him trying to look this suave in a suit with that hair and gut. Well... the gut is still kind of there, but he's working on it. At least he doesn't look like a slob in a suit.

While Gunther II takes his naps Harmony has resumed her mixology practicing. She's getting better. And she finally found time to get to the consignment store over the weekend and picked herself up a little painting. It doesn't quite add a touch of class to the joint, but babies are expensive and it was all she could afford.

While Gertrude is building an unnatural relationship with her doll, there is no time for such frivolity for Gunther II. Oh no. Only skill building toys for the young master. His future career may be uncertain, but Harmony wants to make sure he's prepared for something a bit more prestigious than "cop".

I guess fretting over the future is exhausting. Actually, I just thought they looked kind of cute all snuggled up and sleeping together. You wouldn't even know that the children were wide awake and amusing themselves in the next room. Except that I just told you.

Early to bed; early to rise. Gunther II's toddlerhood is certainly productive. I suppose the worst thing for him would be if he ended up being a Couch Potato.* I have a feeling that Harmony's pushing has only just begun.

*As per the rules of the Legacy Challange I am randomizing the traits when the selection screen comes up. He (and future generations) could end up being anything.

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  1. he's cuter than his sister, but that purple tinged hair is a weird touch


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