Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #5

This family continues to amaze me. First Harmony making herself comfortable in the kitchen, and now Gunther. Still keeping up with his fitness routine (even though results are slow showing) and look at him there. Teaching Gertrude how to walk before going into work.

Harmony was beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic in their tiny home. They don't quite have the funds to begin expansion yet, so she took Gertrude for a little stroll around the block. They made it all the way to the consignment store, but just as they were closing. No surprise finds today.

Gunther has been making steady progress at his job, fitness notwithstanding. His superiors have hinted that he's being concidered for a hefty promotion, if he can manage to show himself a proper candidate. I wonder how-

-Oh geez. Sorry about that. I suppose he's got a plan. We'll just check back on him in a few. After a bit of fresh air Harmony decided it was time to get Gertrude talking, and finish up that pesky potty training. Oh sure, this sounds like fantastic parenting, eh? Get her all ready for the next stage of her life? Well.... To be honest, Harmony is just making sure she'll be free to devote herself to her son (she's really certain this time) and, well... Just look.

Baby's first word is a precious thing. Even when that first word is "Simoleons". Just as soon as Gertrude is all "squared away" Gunther practically explodes through the door. Even I can feel the excitement in the room as Harmony gushes over Gertrude's learning to walk, talk and use the potty and Gunther proclaims proudly, "I've been accepted into the special agent division!!"

All of the squeeling and bouncing around sent Harmony right into labor. This time Gunther was there to take her to the hospital himself. After calling the babysitter, of course. Several hours later they emerged from the hospital hungry, exhausted, and practically delirious over their newborn baby boy! Three cheers for Gunther II!!

Just what was it that finally earned Gunther that coveted special agent promotion?

Well would you look at that? A haircut and some grown-up clothes and he finally at least looks responsible. Perhaps, at least in Simland, a boy just needs the right push to become a man.


  1. that little girl has the face of a snail. sorry, i just had to say it. yay for the new promotion-getting haircut and the son! so glad they didn't need to make a billion babies before he came along.

  2. S'okay Most of the toddlers look about the same. Unless they end up with a really deformed face. I'm glad they had a boy, too. You know how sims is. You need a boy and they'll give you five girls first. -_-


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