Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #4

Before I begin, let me share with you a wonderful little glitch.

That floating book is not a ghost. Just an invisible sim. *sigh* Everybody keep your fingers crossed that this affliction does not spread to the Rittan household. Oh yes! The Rittans. I wonder how that pregnancy is working out for Harmony.

Oh my. After a few days of unrelenting nausea she's finally going into labor! Gunther was out rifling through garbage cans (the only way his lazy ass is able to write enough reports to not get fired) so it was up to poor Harmony to drive herself to the hospital. He did finally make it there, but not until after darling little Gertrude was born.

Isn't she adorable? Ok, ok, it's kind of hard to tell in the dark and with her mother's boob covering half of her face. . .

Harmony has surprised me. She's an ambitous, career-oriented sim by nature, but she's taken to her Happy Homemaker duties quite comfortably. Learning all kinds of new recipes and without a single fire resulting from her efforts. Gunther . . . . *sigh* Gunther is still plodding along. Apparently "it's hard work trying to be an international super spy".

He has been trying to keep up with a regular workout schedule. In fact, while he was out jogging he happened to pass this peculiar gnome headstone on the edge of his property. I was unaware that garden gnomes could die.... or that any had been on the empty lot at any time. At least we can be sure it's not an anti-fertility totem.

Yes, as predicted Harmony is pregnant once again. They both Want a boy this time so with any luck they'll get one. (I really don't want another house full of children)

Poor Gertrude's role in the Rittan Legacy is unfortunately certain to be minimal, but she doesn't seem to mind. For now. I'm curious to see what she's going to end up looking like. Having her mother's hair and her father's grey-green skin seems an unfortunate combination.

Looks as though mommy's more excited about the potty training than she is. Perhaps she's just upset about being wrenched away from her creepy little doll.

With her house in order Harmony sits to enjoy a midnight cookie binge. I suppose being the Ambitious one this whole "Legacy" thing has really suited her. Even though she knows she likely won't live long enough to see the dream fully realized she's content with knowing that she's playing her part in the creation of sim history. I wonder if Gunther will find himself able to keep up?

Oh look. Another gnome headstone. I don't know where these things are coming from, but they don't seem to be bothering anybody so they can stay where they are for now. Perhaps Gertrude's contribution will be to build a gnome cemetary? That sounds fun.

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  1. i didn't realize the purple fringed hair was genetic.
    those dolls really are creepy. i kind of liked them at first, but now they just make me feel kind of uneasy.


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