Sunday, August 7, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #3

This past week has been your average going to work and skill building kind of week in the Rittan household. A couple of promotions between them has afforded them a fancy new stove and fridge for their. . . "kitchen". And their recent nuptials have made the gossip circuit resulting in a handful of thoughtful (useless) presents. Still a bit hungover from excitement, Harmony takes to the task of writing "Thank You" notes just as soon as the presents arrive.

Given their lofty goals and current financial situation, when the recently released Geoffrey Landgraab offered Harmony the chance to moonlight as a bartender in one of his re-acquired nightclubs she jumped at the chance. The work was rough, but she learned a lot. After 6 hours pouring drinks she met up with him at the library and- What's this? Ooh-la-la! Looks like the Moonlit Shores Repopulation Effort is turning into a rather attractive endeavor.*

After a long night mixing drinks, and after a sizeable bonus from Geoffrey, Harmony decided to treat herself at the Cafe. Which also happened to be the nearest place to eat. It's a fancy sort of place and I think Harmony looks just smashing in her black and pink formalwear. Don't you?

Speaking of pink, guess who got promoted to Head Nurse and snagged herself a sassy new set of scrubs in the process?

I apologize. The more I see her the more I'm captivated by her. Even if she is a bit of a klutz... Gunther isn't Handy by nature, but with Harmony breaking every appliance she comes in contact with he's learning quickly enough.

What about Gunther, by the way? Ah yes, after hours and hours in the gym and at home he's not quite svelte, but he has gotten himself into shape enough to earn a promotion to Beat Cop. Doesn't he look simply ferocious in his proper cop uniform?

Hrm. Perhaps not. Harmony sure likes a man in uniform, though. So much, in fact, that she "forgot" to take her birth control. You know what they say, "One generation does not a legacy make". They say that, don't they? Well, if not it certainly stand true at any rate. So the joy on Harmony's face as her belly begins to grow is not just for herself. Inside her grows The Legacy. I must admit, however, that neither of these two seem as though they'll be particularly terrific parents.... I hope it's a boy. Gunther II. If not I fear the mating frenzy that's sure to follow a girl.

*EA's laziness has manifested. This is not any random good looking, green-skinned sim. She is, in fact, Rose Simmelson. I'm glad she grew into her face (which could cut a roast as a teenager) and am curious to find Azalea who was, in my opinion, the prettiest of the Simmelson Triplets.


  1. isn't that weird seeing your own sims walking around town without your permission? it always unnerves me a little. i hope the baby takes after its mother whether its a boy or not. gunther still looks slimy to me. :p

  2. It is kind of disturbing. Especially since I deleted the family from the town AND the "library". They don't seem to be too glitchy to interact with, but I do have a few invisible sims wandering around which bothers me....


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