Saturday, August 6, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #2

It would seem that I've chosen a particularly plucky sim to follow. He's definitely got his mind set on what he wants to accomplish in his life. I hope his rashness doesn't end up working against him.

His first weekend, he's decided, is going to be dedicated entirely to amorous pursuits. First thing Saturday morning he calls up Harmony and asks her out to breakfast.

After breakfast he invites her back to his place. She gazes in wonder at the mansions flanking each side of the street and stifles a giggle as they pull up to his little shack of a home. She looks around thoroughly unimpressed. He is undeterred, however. He explains his plans for expansion. A manor house of his own and a legacy to rival the Goths and Landgraabs!

Once she's good and excited and has her hanging on his every word, swept away in the mental picture he's painted, he asks her to marry him. To join him on this grand endeavor. To be the first lady of the soon-to-be world renowned Rittan Legacy!! Who could ever pass up such an offer? Of course she says yes!

Then they immediately seal the deal. They stay up half the night discussing their plans for money, fame and fortune. (I'm not super thrilled about the "fame" part, but somehow she became a celebrity before I could get him across town to meet her so I'm stuck with it)

The next morning the ever delicate harmony manages to clog the toilet and break the shower . . . Have no fear! They work together to clean up the mess in proper coupley fashion.

Since he is a lowly paper pusher and she a mere nurse I believe the legends will fudge this possibly historical wedding a bit. I mean really . . . who gets married in the bathroom?! While she may be a nurse, Harmony's dream is to be a master mixologist. She wants to master the mixology skill (obviously) and own a bar. Well, I suppose the Landgraabs didn't get where they are by letting everyone else share in the properties, so perhaps a bar is as good a place to start as any. Here she is practicing her newly acquired drink mixing skill.


  1. I had no idea you were authoring a skit/story/thingie.
    How cool!

  2. i like her cute freckles. congrats on the bathroom nuptials! *snort*

  3. Me too :) I wanted "not your average sims" for this one and I'm definitely liking them a lot more.


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