Saturday, August 27, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #14

Things are going smoothly. You'd never even notice the underlying tensions ("Why are they waiting so long to continue our gorious legacy?!") if you didn't know they were there. Suzette's nurturing nature seems to be a fine counter-balance to Harmony's ambitious one. And even though their schedules don't exactly sync with Gertrude II working late in the afternoon, he and Suzette still manage to make plenty of time to spend with each other.

Perhaps one reason for Harmony's temperance is that she's getting old. No, I'm not just saying that to be mean. Happy Birthday, Harmony! She doesn't seem to be near as distraught as her husband about becoming an elder.

Harmony, so far, has no plans to retire. She's still spry and, in fact, wants to reach Medical Level 10. This keeps her at work quite a bit and leaves Suzette plenty of time to absorb the cooking channel. She hasn't acquired many recipes from it, but her gained levels give her the ability to learn them from books. I mention this because last time she was at the bookstore she took a trip down the sheet music aisle and picked up some piano scores for Gunther II.

Poor Gunther. He just got back from work, fixed the dishwasher and television and had just laid down to sleep when a call came in about a high priority interrogation. Can't you just hear him grumbling?

While everyone else was out and at work Suzette took a trip to the park down the street. It's not terribly big (not like the park in the center of town), but it's cozy and has plenty to occupy little children. Satisfied with her trip she was about to head home when she ran into a former classmate and struck up a conversation. No, there wasn't anything innappropriate going on, but who is that in the background?

Never seen her before, but she kind of looks like a circus performer or something.

Neat. When he finally got back from work Gunther was exhausted. He'd gotten enough raises to make 700 simoleons an hour. Not too shabby! Except that he was in no mood to make use of it. Not by a long shot. Just as soon as he walked in the door he called up his boss (at home; in the middle of the night) and told him to shove it. Nicely, of course, and now he gets 300 simoleons a day for his retirement pay.

Hrm. I've never seen this either. Apparently retirement is quite the big deal. Although . . . I have no idea what Yetis have to do with anything. . . .

This will free him up to continue writing (he's currently working on a romance novel titled "Mountain Raw") and help Suzette with the growing house and upcoming grandchildren. Any day now they're going to get on that. . . .

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  1. congratulations on your.. Yeti? gunther would kind of look like a yeti if he grew a beard. at least harmony seems to be aging more gracefully. ;)


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