Friday, August 26, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #13

Just a quick little update for your eager little selves. First, a bird's eye view of Manor Rittan. It's slowly starting to take shape.

Suzette's lifetime goal is to learn every available recipe, and she's well on her way. I'm hoping that since foreign travel has been (hopefully) temporarily suspended that watching the cooking channel will give her those coveted international recipes.

So far she's doing quite well fitting into the family. During this chess match Harmony filled her in on the purpose of their expansive plot of land and the importance of naming their son Gunther III. Suzette took it all in stride. Even the inevitable game loss at the hands of a far more practiced player.

Even though he will be branching into the Symphonic career track (and not Rock Star one), Gunther II still took it upon himself to tone up a bit. After all, a healthy sim is a happy sim and he knows he's got genetics against him.

After a few easy meals of pancakes and salad Suzette took a trip to the book store to begin work on expanding her culinary repertoire. Nothing quite like learning the secrets of cookies while perched on the fountain in the middle of the park. It also happens to be a good place for the family minded sim to sit and observe the happy families milling around, and making one wistful for the days to come.

During the manor's renovation there came the idea to begin a monument wall. There's Gertrude's prom picture and her scouting sash; and Gunther II's prom picture and his graduation awards. I'm not sure how complicated this will be once it's expanded (or what will be used to represent Gunther and Harmony), but for now it's kinda neat.

Just as Harmony before her, Suzette sits and writes out the thank you notes for the lovely wedding gifts her and Gunther II recieved. All in this newly added den/office area. Gunther also upgraded his computer. No more cheese.

Mastering the guitar was not enough to satisfy Gunther II's virtuoso nature. He's begun work on the piano. As a future symphonic genius (perhaps?) he'd much prefer something a bit more tasteful than this electric keyboard, but this happened to be one of his wedding presents.

And now for a bit of a laugh and, perhaps, karma. This was unexpected as I've never seen this bit before. While working her way back up the medical professional career path Harmony signed up to help the pharmaceutical research team with their research. Would you look at the size of that pill!!

Oh no, she's not really gonna swallow that is she?!

Oh, it looks like she's going to try. C'mon Harmony! Power through!!

Wow. I can't believe she swallowed that huge pill. I can't tell if this look is relief at having got it down, or an actual effect. Either way, she got an extra fifty simoleons.

Gunther was busy with work, both regular hours and overtime pouring over evidence. He's almost finished his fourth novel.

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