Friday, August 26, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #12

Gunther II has managed to make his way into the music career, despite his mother's flaky departure. He's met each of the band members and thankfully they're all giving him a chance. He is is own sim, after all. Being a few days older than Suzette he's had to wait a few days before being able to see her, but right after her graduation he called her over for a homemade meal.

They had a great night together and at the end he felt comfortable asking her to be his wife. Of course she accepted! They have decided to put off woohooing until after the wedding and are putting off the wedding until Gunther II has securely established himself in his chosen career path. A very responsible move. Harmony wasn't thrilled by the decision to wait, but at least Suzette is wearing his ring.

There was a bit of awkwardness when Gunther II decided to throw a bachelor party and nobody showed up. Even having a master mixologist managing the open bar and a full buffet wasn't enough to draw a crowd. At least it gave Gunther the chance to impart some (possibly) helpful marital advice.

Harmony wasn't about to let the rented dance floor and fancy lighting go to waste. A couple glasses of special mood enhancing "juice" and she was up all night wiggling around in the living room.

I am surprised, though, at her most recent accomplishment. Even though she didn't need to for job reasons, she's mastered the martial arts skill and attained her black-gold belt. Congratulations, Harmony. Now maybe you can master your logic and stick with your medical career long enough to get a worthwhile retirement package?

Speaking of retirement, somebody's had a birthday! He hasn't retired just yet, but by the tired look on his face I'm willing to bet that decision will be made soon enough.

Poor old guy. He's been through a lot, but since the police force . . . uh . . . forced him into shape, he should live long enough to see his grandchildren. Gunther II's early start learning guitar has rocketed him through the musical ranks. He's not quite in the band yet, but he's definitely next in line for stardom. You know what that means! *dum~dum~dumdum* The spectacular failure of his bachelor party kind of soured Gunther II on the idea of a big wedding and so the two quietly exchanged rings in the back yard of "Manor Rittan".

Now that they are married grandchildren are sure to follow. Both Harmony and Gunther are eagerly awaiting a fresh batch of young'un's, but Gunther II and Suzette want to give it a little time. Build up a nest egg (perhaps for private school?) and allow Suzette to become accustomed to the new family dynamic. But exchanged rings soon leads to exchanged fluids and woohooing is a favored past time.

Like all sims, Suzette wasn't exactly blessed with her age-up hair and clothing combination. It wasn't awful, but it didn't exactly scream "Rittan Legacy". Now this is much prettier.

She kinda looks like a statue. Very nice. Gunther II has kept in touch with Gertrude who is looking forward to seeing any upcoming nieces and nephews. Annalee was touched and delighted at Gunther's compilation of her personal history and they both spent time at the book store autographing copies and answering questions about what it's like to be/live with an "invisible" friend. Harmony has put in extra hours giving free vaccinations to new residents of Moonlit Shores ("Buy a house, get a shot for free!"). And Gunther II and Suzette have been surveying the property to decide the best way to expand so they'll be ready when the family grows.

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