Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #11

The Rittan household continues on in spite of their "loss". Gunther and Harmony were given the day off to attend Gertrude's graduation, but they did not. Instead they spent the day skill building. Even Gunther II had the day off, but since no one told him about the graduation ceremony he worked on his guitar skills instead. His goal of helping Gertrude and Annalee finished he no longer needs his chemistry set and he's got to work hard if he's going to be a Hit Movie Composer some day.

So far Harmony seems pretty happy in her athletic choice and has been working hard finishing off her athletic skill. Higher skills make for faster promotions!

The next day at school Gunther II heard about the previous night's graduation ceremony and called Gertrude to apologize. They spent a few hours catching up and making sure each other was ok. She really did appreciate his getting ahold of her.

Harmony was told by her coach that if she really wanted to make it on the Feisty Llamette girl's soccer team she should concider training in the martial arts. It would help her speed, coordination and flexibility. Eager to advance she bought this training dummy and got right to work.

Ideally a person should study martial arts with a respect for the activity. It's not hard to tell, however, where Harmony's mind is...

Over the weekend Gunther II spent a great deal of time with Suzette. He decided to take it easy (foregoing his father's advice) and just enjoy the time with her. They walked around town talking and laughing, stopping at random places to eat and watched the stars at night. By the end of their Sunday date Gunther II mustered up the courage to ask her to prom. When she said yes he just had to try again for that pivotal first kiss.

But there was a problem. A terrible problem of epic proportions; as far as the teenage mind is concerned. His birthday was the day before prom!! If he aged up, then he'd miss it and Suzette would be standing alone in the gymnasium with all those other guys milling around her... He just couldn't have that.

Just one little life fruit to extend his teenage-hood by one little day. Long enough to enjoy prom with the girl he'd worked so hard to impress. One little life fruit never hurt anybody, right? Too bad Cleo isn't around to see this.

Feeling a bit awkward about his decision he decided to clear his mind playing for tips at the park. Unfortunately the mass exodus of Moonlit Shores has still left the park a bit empty lately and he didn't make any money. He did gain another level of skill, though, and his breath no longer smelled of life fruit by the time he got home.

As prom rolls around Gunther II is both nervous and excited. This could be a big night for him and Suzette. He's not expecting to go "all the way" (sim teens can't do that sort of thing), but if she doesn't like the way he dances or finds some other guy she fancies more; he could be left alone in a corner. Even with all of these thoughts floating through his mind he hops in the limo, picks up Suzette and bravely makes his way to prom.

Fortunately it was a fantastic night. His killer moves were super impressive, Suzette never left his side and they were voted prom king and queen together! A successful night all around. Topped off by Gunther II's birthday right after.

Don't they make a great looking young couple?

In a shocking turn of events word of Gunther's growing writing skills have made their way across town. Out of the blue Gunther recieves a call from Annalee to write her biography. He graciously accepts the honor and titles the book: Annalee Rittan: An Invisible Presence. A title which tickles Annalee, because it affirms her existance before being made sim.

Not surprisingly everyone attended Gunther II's graduation ceremony. Even Gertrude and Annalee snuck in and sat in the back to watch "their" little brother walk across the stage. He didn't attend any of the few after parties, but he was still pretty stoked to have this stage of his life behind him. The future awaits!

In addition to the coveted diploma he was also awarded the honors of valedictorian and "Most Likely to get Electrocuted". He's had a few potions blow up in his face, a little jolt sounds like a challenge!

One that could have easily happened the next morning if he didn't acquire his father's Handy trait while aging up. Nothing quite like standing in a puddle of water while tinkering with a broken dishwasher....

It's not really pivotal, but while playing around with their virtual reality goggles, Gunther II appeared to have gone weightless for a while. Those sci-fi quests are getting more realistic every day!

With Gunther II grown (though not moved out of his legacy manor home) Gunther and Harmony have been given the gift of time. Time to appreciate each other and woohoo more often (and in more places) before they're too old and the pitter patter of little grandchildren feet fill their home.

On a bit of a side note, I seem to have run into a glitch with the Llama Memorial Stadium. For some reason Harmony would go to work and then teleport outside. Even sending her back to work would cause her job performance to go down. So in a fit of frustration I walked her across town back to the hospital to beg for her old job back. At least they're letting her start at Level 3 and not rock bottom....


  1. heehee.. most likely to be electrocuted. what is up with all the glitches? she worked hard for that athletic career. the maxis gods shouldn't be allowed to take it away!

  2. I know! She maxed out her physical and was 2 away from maxing out martial arts and "Hey, you can't work here." I probably could've tried to delete the stadium and re-place it, but I didn't think of that until just now....


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