Monday, August 22, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #10

I'm still a bit shocked over Harmony's second sudden career change. Even in my stunned state, I couldn't help but wonder . . . what is this maid doing? Looks like she's posing and thinking about the severe constipation she's had all week that is suddenly no longer a problem. . . .

Anyway, like I promised, here is Gertrude's portrait of Annalee. If it looks funny that's because Gertrude's own head also made it's way into the painting.

Finally the weekend arrived. A skill building bonanza for all! Except for young Gunther II who finally found the time (and the nerve) to ask Suzette out on a date. They went to the diner for a nice lunch and spent some time chatting at the park. Gunther II was attempting to pull out all of the romantic tricks he learned from his father (a Hopeless Romantic), but he still fell a bit short when it came time to move in for their first kiss.

That's okay, they still barely know each other and there's plenty of time to woo the young lady. In other news, school is finally over for Gertrude and (technically) Annalee. It's birthday time! Remember how Rose Simmelson was lucky enough to grow into her face? Well, Gertrude didn't do too badly either.

I think she'll be okay. Annalee didn't change too much. Still has those goofy green pigtails. I do like her dress, though.

They stayed up all night discussing their plans for a dramatic exit. Annalee wanted to make a big spiteful show so Gunther and Harmony would realize how unfair they'd been to Gertrude. Gertrude herself had other plans. Her age transition came with a big helping of maturity and she suggested a quiet retreat into the night. And so they left a message, packed up those few acquired sentimental belongings and left while the rest of the house lay peacefully in their beds.

The next morning Harmony went in to ask Gertrude to run to the store and was more annoyed than shocked to find Gertrude gone. Annoyed, that is, until she spotted this painting sitting on the easel, still wet. It was titled plainly "Away From Home".

Harmony felt a hitch in her heart for only a moment when she realized she may never see her daughter again. Only a moment until she looked around and realized that Gertrude's room was enormous! And here she was sleeping in the living room like a hobo! It took only moments to rearrange the furniture and, as far as Harmony was concerned, erase Gertrude's chance to come crawling back after abandoning the family that had supported and cared for her all these years.

To be honest . . . I did not know Harmony was going to turn into such a cold bitch-sim. I liked her, thought she was sweet. Kind of felt bad for her that Gunther had bedazzled her with talk of legacies. Now I'm just hoping that Gunther II's legacy generation are a bit nicer. Fear not for Gertrude. I heard she's registered as a self-employed painter and Annalee is working part-time at the day spa. They'll be just fine.


  1. cool! no more snail face! finally!

  2. :D So far it looks like young adulthood is helping to smooth out those harsh lines.


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