Friday, August 5, 2011

Take 2 Legacy #1

Ah, hello Readers! It sure is good to be back in Moonlit Shores. After those snooty Landgraabs bought up all the land there didn't seem to be much reason for me to hang around, but it looks like Jack Hardly got everything heading back to normal. Kind of exciting watching this little town grow back up from nothing. In fact, who could this interesting fellow be?

Apparently his name is Gunther Rittan and the rock bottom price on this palacial empty lot caught his attention. I suppose it's a bit famous since this mailbox held the key clue for Mr. Hardly. He's not ambitous by trait, but the way he's looking around at the swanky mansions surrounding him I can tell he's got big plans in mind. As a matter of fact, he wants to be an international super spy. I wonder how that's going to work out for him?

Well, he was off to a good start. He was on his way straight to the police station to apply for a job, but then he passed this little beauty and couldn't resist introducing himself. After a bit of small talk he was starting to get a bit hungry (fatass....) so he asked her to dinner at the diner around the corner.

I guess if he can put as much effort into reaching his career goals as he is in wooing young Harmony he'll do just fine. He did end up applying online after dinner so he's off to a good start so far. Got himself a job and a little cutie who's not totally repulsed by his grey-green skin and stark white hair.

Woah. I guess having the "Hopeless Romantic" trait is working out well for Gunther. First kiss on their second date! The next day he really put his nose to the grindstone and managed to snag himself a promotion.

Well, it's a modest start, but using his promotion-bonus check to start up a hedge-fence definitely solidifies my thought that Gunther has some big plans. His home may be simple, similar to the beginning shack of the Simmelsons, but he's not going to let that get him down.

Either fortunately or unfortunately the police chief informed Gunther that if he intended to advance any further than his position pushing paperwork behind a desk he'd have to whip his fat ass into shape. Poor guy sat there for almost an hour trying to psych himself up, but he finally did it! Gained himself a physical skill level. Way to go, Gunther! You just might have what it takes to create a truly great legacy.


  1. hrm... looks like a sickly sea creature to me. i wish him (and you) luck in sticking around long enough to reach some of his ambitious goals.

  2. hehehe He kinda does, doesn't he? He should be easy enough to stick to, but so far I've yet to complete a legacy challange beyond the 3rd generation. *fingers crossed*


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