Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Painful Process

Oh just look at how many of you couldn't contain your curiosity. Does my pain amuse you? It's ok, I'm not here to judge. Merely to educate, entertain and be on my way. So what are we doing today? Oh yes, the painful process of profile picture picking. Haha! Didn't think I had another "p" word in me, but I did. *ahem* "Hey, Lizzy, why is it such a painful process?" Thank you so much for asking so politely. The simple answer is that not everybody is happy with the way they look. The simple answer is all you're going to get because I'm not going to go into detail about why things are the way they are. That's not what this blog is for. This blog is . . . well. . . . I always take so many pictures trying to find one good enough and the rest of them always get deleted. Much to Aaron's chagrin. Today I'm feeling generous and decided that these not-so-great pictures could have a fighting chance to be seen, and to perhaps reveal a bit of my logic as well.

My first plan was to have these pictures with giant false lashes and my green wig. Because the lashes were green, so it would make sense. I couldn't get the lashes to stick (it's a process I suck at) so I opted for the purple wig. It frames my face better anyway. I caught my reflection and thought I didn't look so bad with my hair flayed out so I snapped a couple.

My phone-camera disagreed with my initial instinct. It likes to do that. So I pinned my hair back and took a handful with the wig on. In the harsh, uneven bathroom light.

A bit underwhelming. Some of them may have been alright if not for my shaky hand. So into the room we go. The dim lights sometimes help, as does actually being able to see my face before I click the capture button.

Meh. It was at this point that I realized it had been a while since I played with the video effect filters on the webcam and resolved to use them all! Except for two. One that stretches and one that pinches. -_- So unflattering they don't even classify as funny. Here is the result of that click-a-thon.

I really like that peephole one. Too funny. I got a bit agitated because the scroll bar wouldn't let me reach two of the effects. So I checked the site to see if there were more so I could . . . I dunno . . . readjust it. I discovered there was a software update available and fiddled around while I waited on that.

Even though the update did allow me to fully scroll through my options (and alerted me to a filter I didn't have installed), it's super complicated now. I'll still use it in the future, but I am not happy with the new interface. Anyway, here are the remaining images.

Out of 37 pictures only one was unoffensive enough (to me) to be allowed to take it's place as my profile picture. I am happy with the way some of the filtered ones came out, and I am happy that I finally have an appropriate-looking "bad ass" picture. My last attempt fell quite a bit short. So, there you have it. At least 15 of those would have been deleted by now. Enjoy them.


  1. ooo.. i like the pink and black ones.

    and is that a green smoothie? cheers!

  2. I love the peep hole one and your 8th pic down :) Thanks for sharing...i dont think i would've had the guts to share mine :P

  3. Thanks. It was quite a debate, but not many people show up here so it's not that bad. lol


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