Sunday, August 21, 2011

Living Growing Breathing Frankenputer

I *heart* my Frankenputer. I really do. I'd knife somebody for a faster processor, but overall he's served me well. If you've been following along faithfully (if not, why not?) then you know I was having problems with the poor dear overheating. What else could I do but purchase a new fan to ease his fever? What I ask you?! Sorry. Why am I so attached to this old, slow, pieced together pc? For those of you who haven't been faithfully following since myspace, here's a little background:

I used to have an hp somethingorother and it was eaten alive by a silicon-eating-virus. (Wait, do they still make computer innards out of silicon?) Anyway, it was horrible. But through sheer luck and my daddy's love I got a brand-spakin' new eMachine (don't laugh!) from Walmart for around $300. It was enough to get me online, but after a while "enough" just isn't anymore. And so Project Frankenputer began.

The first thing to go was the power supply. eMachines are notorious for underpowering their units. I tried the powersupply out of the hp and that blew up (almost literally) and then I finally succombed to a new one. Well, let me just show you, then I'll walk you around.

Yes, that is a bottle of nail polish holding up my video card. Just shush and listen. Top left: New power supply. 450 whatevers if I remember correctly. Below that and partially (mostly) hidden by cords is the new 2G memory stick to help sims go. Below that is an NVidia somethingorother video card, also to help sims go. Below that is a firewire port for the spiffy video camera. The memory, video card, port and camera were all donated by the wonderful Dave. He's played a big part in keeping Frankenputer relevant.

To the right of those (bottom right of the case) you'll see the 500GB hard drive I pilfered from my mom. Right above that is the Lightscribe DVD reader/writer also pilfered from my mom's old computer. Which worked out well since the included DVD drive sorta half-crapped out an only reads CDs now. To the far left is the lovely greenness which is already feeling like the heart of Frankenputer. Because it's green. And it glows. Get it? The new fan which actually came in the mail yesterday. It was supposed to be delivered by UPS, but I guess after the mess we had getting our phones they handed it off to the regular post office and they stuck it in the mailbox behind my back. It is installed and it glows and it works wonderfully. The main fan hasn't kicked onto (into?) high since I turned it on and since summer started "high" has been normal. The silence is almost deafening.

Don't be alarmed, I removed the nail polish before putting the casing back on. I don't need it now that the side panel is holding the video card in place. Oh dearest Frankenputer, how I love and adore you. If ever we come in possession of an air conditioner that will keep it below 85 degrees in here, I promise to get you that snazzy glowing green bar to shine from your lower vent holes. Would you like that? I know I would.

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