Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is it genetic?

It seems that just when I'm questioning whether or not continuing on is worth it at all, the Universe drops a nice little present in my lap. Would be nice if one of these days that present allowed me to recharge enough that the slightest little thing didn't send me right back, but that's another story. After my online shopping spree (SATA cable's been shipped) Aaron and I went out to Walmart and my dad called to be picked up for his vacation! A week early. I was a bit upset because I haven't finished the house cleaning yet, but having him here is always a relief (even though it turns my mom evil towards me) and this time I got an extra added bonus.

Aaron stayed here so I got the ride up there all to myself. I took some new CDs (Meatloaf, Green Day, Dumb & Dumber soundtrack) so I wasn't listening to the same old depressing 90s alternative stuff I usually listen to when I'm alone. It was a little before midnight before we started heading back, and it was a full (ish, the full-full is tonight) moon and perhaps these combined elements are what steered the conversation.

I've been interested in astral projection for a long time now. I've tried to do it, but haven't succeeded when I'm trying. I have projected a couple of time, but not on purpose. I can tell it's happening because my body gets all tingly and vibrates and I can feel myself "fall" back into my body when it's over. My experiences haven't been very interesting or relevant, but I have hope!

When my dad was about 15 or 16 he was laying in bed, bored and unable to sleep. He closed his eyes and started wondering what it would look like if he could see himself from up above. He got the mental picture in his head of himself laying there in bed with the room and everything as it was. Then, noticing the window was open, he wondered if he could go higher and see the top of his house; he could. So he went higher and saw the block, then the city, the state, the US until finally he was way up high looking down at the Earth! It was at this point he realized there was no air in space and that he wasn't breathing and either panic or confusion (he's leaning towards confusion at why he wasn't breathing) dropped him back into his body where he bounced and woke up.

That last part reminded me of an experience with my younger sister. We used to share a room and I'd usually wait until she fell asleep before allowing myself to sleep. (Don't get all weepy, it could have been caring or paranoia) That part is important, though, because she would sleep through the night (unless I had been trying to scare her before bed) and while she would talk in her sleep, she was never a sleepwalker. One night, just as I was falling asleep I was jarred awake by her falling into her bed. Judging by the noise I'd say she dropped from quite a distance. We both sat up staring at each other asking "What just happened?!" She couldn't remember what she had been 'dreaming' about. The bouncing my dad described sounded similar to my sister's unexplained falling.

I was going through my archive and couldn't find any reference to what I believe were my legitimate astral experiences, but I do have these two which are, in my opinion, equally interesting and possibly related.

The blue house down the street


Nap "dream" in the back yard

It is mostly my dad's experience that gives me hope that if I keep trying I just might be able to get a handle on it. After all, it's in my genes.


  1. strange... i didn't know astral projection ran in families, but sounds like you might be in luck. well, if you consider being able to exit your body "lucky".

  2. I would concider being able to exit my body EXTREMELY lucky. :)


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