Monday, August 15, 2011

Green Smoothie Detox Day 1

I would knife someone for a cheeseburger. That being said, things are going well so far. The smoothies are a bit difficult to get through after a while, but aren't altogether unpleasant. I had one this morning with turnip greens, strawberries (they were on sale!) and a black plum. The one for dinner (which I haven't finished yet) is spinach, strawberries (there's a reason they were on sale) and a golden delicious apple. I'm using apple juice to blend it all together, which is just apple juice. No cane sugar or corn syrup or anything else questionable. Just juice. At least, that's what the bottle says. Who am I to question the bottle?

I'm a bit on the dizzy side. I'm hoping that will pass. I'm also trying to quit smoking which is hard and not going quite as well as I'd hoped. Tomorrow is another day, though. Beating myself up over five or six won't help. Or will it? I'm not sure.

So, let's see. Right now I could really go for some McNuggets, a salty soft pretzel and some cinnamon rolls. *drools* But I must persevere! It's only five days. Easy peasy. Right?

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  1. i've been doing the exact same thing. i think there is a list about 100 miles long of foods i'm craving... starting with nachos...


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