Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green Recap

Yummy! So my Green Week Detox didn't go exactly as planned. What with the chewable food and all. I did learn a couple of things, though. Firstly, I am a smoothie blending MASTER! Every single one was just enough to fill my glass. Even the one time I couldn't find the big one and had to use a smaller glass, made just enough to fill it. Awesome.

More importantly I've learned some things about my body. We don't get leafy greens normally, but having them in this way is much easier to do. Don't have to cook them, don't really have to eat them. But I'm still getting them. And I feel much better when I do. I've mentioned before (but really don't feel like digging for the link) about my problem with compulsive eating and before this experiement with scrubbing clean my insides the only noticeable problem was the weight gain. But I've been eating healthier and working out more and, now, the smoothies. Even just one smoothie for brunch (I like to sleep in) makes me fully aware of the solid food as it's making it's way through my system. Which is good. It's a good thing. I'm eating slower (I also have a bad habit of devouring what's in front of me in record time) and that helps. I just need to work on a bit of restraint. Whenever Aaron's hungry I do not need to eat something just so I don't feel left out. Smells affect me mostly. I smell food I want to eat it. *noms* Need to work on that.

I wasn't expecting to hate the smoothies, how can you hate something with so much fruit in them? I wasn't, however, expecting to crave them either. I think I'm going to try half a glass in the morning, then dinner, then finish off the smoothie while dinner is sitting in there growling at me. That will hopefully help with that "there's a rock in my gut" feeling. I just wish I could overcome my personal laziness. I feel better about myself when I exercize, but I just don't like doing it. I like yoga but it's so hard to find the space and it's so hot outside. I can feel my body wanting to be healthier, but the rest of me is having a hard time keeping up with that desire. When I do things that are bad for me I'm feeling it more than I used to and it sucks. I'm hoping, though, that if I take better care of my machine (as much as it pains me to do so) then it'll help with my spiritual pursuits. Just tired of living in a perpetual state of "one day this will all be worth it".


  1. right- blending is so much easier than cooking. i remember how difficult it was to exercise in the texas heat. :( i do not envy you.

  2. I'm trying to do a little bit here and there. Not the same as going all out, but being dead isn't the same as living. ;) Once fall rolls around I'll get back on the bike/mat and get back to more serious work.


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