Friday, August 26, 2011

Frankenputer Revisited

Yes, again already. Given the stellar fan performance I felt more than comfortable ordering up the seperate LED bar. Purely aesthetic. After placing the order I was a bit concerned that I'd run out of plug-in cords for the insides, but as it turned out, my fears were unnecessary.

Ok, you probably can't tell why from this picture, but I'll explain anyway. You know how an extension cord works? It's got something like that on the end of this. Both a male and female plug-in. So rather than unplugging the half-working DVD drive just to plug in this little lighted wonder, I simply had to unplug the fan, plug the fan into this and then plug this into the cord the fan was previously plugged into. Make sense?

They even included some handy-dandy stick-on velcro for easy mounting. How nice. Ready to see this baby all lit up?!

OOOOoooooohhhhhh..... O_o Ok, so it's not near as bright as the picture on amazon. I'm assuming that one was put next to a less-bright fan? Either way, it lights up the bottom and that's what I wanted it for.

Next time I open up the case for cleaning (less of a problem with the fan blowing everything out instead of sucking it in) I'll probably move that light down so it does, in fact, shine straight out of the vents. It's bright, sure, but not blinding. Still pretty awesome.

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  1. oh noes!! you're whole computer is full of UFO's!!! if they're anything like sim aliens, you better keep them away from aaron... :O


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