Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dry Lake Bed

Not just yet, but very close. Today is our 44th straight day of triple digit heat and no rain. We still have another projected week of triple digits (at least), but a 20% chance of rain and overcast morning prompted us to head out to the lake and get some pictures so you can see just how BAD it's gotten out there. I did not resize the pictures so if it looks funky that's why. Ready?

First, as a refresher, here's what the island is supposed to look like when viewed from the path. Look familiar?

Second, here's as high as the lake ever (as long as we've been here) flooded. This is the road a good quarter mile away from the turn-in to the path.

These first two pics are from just past the tree line. I was trying to capture the far left edge.

These next four are the alcove where we used to go swimming. Look how freakin' TINY it is!!

Next is the island from about the same position as that first picture. Feel free to scroll up for comparison.

You'd never know it was an island. Here's a video for you. Simple sweep. That green patch halfway through is the island.

These next few are random pictures while walking to the island.

And for a little better perspective, here's our swimming hole from about halfway across the landbridge to the island.

If you can follow me for a moment, we walked to the island, took a right and headed counter-clockways around.

I wish I had a 3D camera so you could really see how bad the drop-off is here. It was actually kind of frightening. Again, following the pictures, imagine you're coming around the far side of the island. Normally there's another island (which would be to the left if you're coming down the path), but this has been bridged as well. First a video. Imagine you're standing on the left side of the island looking towards the second one.

Now some pictures taken while walking over to that second island.

I guess we really were swimming with gars. Here's one that's going to get you. That dinky little land patch? Yep. That's the island. It's so disorienting!!

Found an interesting looking brick(?) along the shore.

Walking towards the far end of the second island looking right.

Here I am at the . . . I guess "tip" of the second island. The first thing you'll see is two green patches. The one in the background is the original island. Then I sweep all the way around to the next shoreline. The quality is a little lower because I had to splice two clips together.

Depressing, isn't it? We didn't keep following it, but I did get a couple more pictures coming around the left side of the second island.

And there you have it. I wish you could be there to see it for yourself. Just like the massive flooding it really is one of those things you have to see to grasp the sheer magnitude of the situation.

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  1. gars kind of freak me out, but its easy to forget about them when they're underwater. do a rain dance so you can go swimming with secret gars again!


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