Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dreamt Strangeness

I'm already losing a lot of it (it's so hot!), but I'll do my best.

I was a ghost, sort of. And I didn't find this out until midway into the dream. I started out with a companion. I don't know who she was, but she was about my age, though in the dream I was a couple years younger than I am. We were a bit confused about our current situation. We were walking around somewhere and it seemed like people were more or less ignoring us. Not ignoring us in a totally obvious "you're a ghost dumbass" kind of way. Just that they couldn't hear us very well and only seemed to notice us at all if we were right in front of them. Then they would acknowledge us.

We went into a public girl's bathroom and sat in seperate stalls organizing our stuff (we were carrying a lot of belongings with us) discussing theories on what was going on. Neither of us had a clue. I noticed a strange word written with a strange definition on the stall wall. I opened up a notebook I had and wrote it down. It was sort of like this:

xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx

I remember the word, but not the "definition" which was a scramble of seemingly random words. A guy came into the bathroom and sat against the wall across from our stalls so that he could see and talk to the both of us. He asked us if we had figured it out yet and we said "Figured what out?" Then he explained the ghost situation and that there were a few of us wandering around. We could interact with each other quite easily (which is not always a good thing), but it was more difficult (though not impossible, as I mentioned) to interact with the living. It became easier if you had the "Power Words". Like what I had written down. He had a whole composition book nearly full of words written down just like mine, in the same broken branched definitoned way.

I was about to ask him if we could look at his notebook when a group of five or so guys came bursting into the bathroom. They were big and . . . . pushy. Not really mean, but definitely forceful. They wanted us to come with them. I was a little afraid, but my companion(s) were very frightened. I grabbed as much as I could before being ushered out of the bathroom. I had a big purse and grabbed some pictures and my notebook along with a couple other random bits from my stash. We got a little split apart from each other on the walk to wherever we were going. I tried to get a look around and noticed a few things, but the only one that sticks out now is that there were a lot more people around. Living and ghostly alike. I was having an easier time distinguishing the ghost people because they were the only ones who were watching what was going on. There were some on stairs, one on the roof, one in a tree and several walking about.

We ended up in what could have been a library. I don't know what happened to the guy or the girl. It was just me and I was sat on a table surrounded by the guys. Again, I can't really say they were mean, but they weren't happy either and I got the distinct impression they were going to "rape" me. Why the quotes? There was going to be sex, of that there was no question, but they didn't want to force me or be mean about it. For some reason I'm not sure of it would be preferable for all of us if it was consentual. They didn't even imply that my friends would be in danger if I didn't consent, but I did.

Well. . . at first I did. The "leader" type was the first to step up. Yes, on the table in front of everyone. I don't understand why because his penis was very small and very unsatisfying (even for dream sex which isn't usually that exciting for me in the first place). I said that it wasn't satisfying and I wanted more. Looking around the whole lot of them were cursed with rediculously small penises except for one who was humongous. I let him crawl on top of me and that was much better. By dream standards. By the time he had finished the rest of his gang had shuffled off to a corner to wait for him. He thanked me, kissed me and walked off. I woke up as I was looking around (not the least bit disheveled from my previous activities) wondering where to start looking for my missing friends.

So there you have it. A bit of a shock all around. Never dreamt anything quite like that before.


  1. the first part might make a good movie, but the second part... just weird.

  2. That does seem like a good movie premis. If only I were a screenwriter.


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