Friday, August 12, 2011

A Bright Bit

In more ways than one! You'll see. There are so many things throughout the day (mine as well as yours, I'm sure) that are just way more difficult than they ever need to be. More stressful. More ready to just angry up the blood and make you want to take a swan dive off the nearest cliff as long as it's straight onto some pointy, jagged rocks. So when something is finally easy you get to appreciate it more, right? Yeah, let's go with that.

I was hoping to have another sim blog up, but I really haven't gotten to sim much these past two days. Not for lack of trying. I really want to sim! Frankenputer has other plans. Our ac kind of sucks (but it's better than nothing!) and poor Frankenputer has been overheating terribly. Like, every 15 minutes. Five if I'm simming. I had to replay the same three (game) hours 10 times. Which is great if it counted those posts because I'm just that much closer to free downloads. But I digress. The puzzle is how to keep Frankenputer from overheating. The solution is (hopefully) simple. For the moment I have the side off of the casing which seems to be working, but that is just not a satisfactory situation for me. Especially since the duct tape holding the tabby thing (which is holding my video card up) already seems to be losing it's gumption.

One thing I notice when I open the side panel is that I've forgotten a very crucial situation I created for myself. When my mom's old computer crapped out I *ahem* stole the hard drive. 500GB of extra memory is a very good thing when you're downloading movies. The very bad thing is that I didn't have a SATA cable long enough to set it properly in the frame so it's been sitting in the bottom of the case. *ouch* I had fully intended to purchase a longer cable, but then I forgot. Obviously. So that's #1 on the list. 18" Right angle SATA cable added to cart.

The second thing is getting another fan in there. I have a dinky fan attached sideways to the motherboard, a pretty decent sized fan on the power supply, and a little. . . "fan" on the video card. Even when I get the second hard drive properly positioned I don't think it'll be enough circulation in there. Also, as I was tooling around amazon, I found THIS!! Oh pretty green lights. And so cheap, too! I just can't resist something so lovely. Green LED fan added to cart.

Yet the question remains: How am I going to pay for this? A-ha! That's where one of my passions comes into play. Free money. Not just any free money, free money that's quick and easy to spend on amazon, but I'd have to wait several days to get it in person so I can just throw it around willy nilly. I have to sit, look at my balance and think if I want to cash out in this way (or let it compile and wait for a check). In this case, yes, I absolutely do. So I go to Opinion Outpost and cash out for an gift card equal to my final total. Feel free to click on the link to join and get yourself some free money. The rest is easy, just check the box for "use gift card balance" and finish checking out. Should have my snazzy new computer bits in about a week and a half.

On days like today where I'm a hangnail away from driving off a bridge, I'm ever so thankful when something is finally easy. This isn't the first time my survey money and amazon have joined forces to rescue me from emotional disaster. I doubt it will be the last.

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  1. oh joy! new computer bits! i love it when things get easy, too. but those lighted fans look like an alien invasion in the dark. i'd rather have the unlighted versions, but they are harder to find. hope the green lights don't attract any unwelcome green visitors. ;)


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