Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Sweaty Experiment

I've never claimed to be the brightest crayon in the box, so if you read this and think "you really should have known better", you're probably right. I mighta shoulda known better, but I did learn and that is what's important.

My girl Brak and I have been randomly discussing physical fitness. She's a lot more dedicated (and in way better shape) than I am so when she mentions something that sounds interesting or better than what I'm currently doing, I look into it. That's part one of the set-up explanation. Part two is more of a reminder. I joined Spark People and am still finding it pretty helpful, and the more I learn and get used to the site, the more involved I'm trying to get. I have a hard time with actual nutrition, but I've been doing really good keeping my calories between the recommended 1250-1550 per day. What I'm not doing so good at is getting my calories burned to reach the goal. I can do my minutes, just not doing enough in those minutes.

Are we back? I think we're back. So in her last blog she mentioned a video (on that showed an easier way to do squats. Well, I'm all for easier! So I checked it out, tried it out, and she was right. Much easier. Since it's Wednesday (strength day) I went to sparkpeople and changed up my strength routine to simply crunches, push-ups, and squats. I felt these would target the areas I'm trying to target better than what was on there (that I had been doing) so I'll give it a shot 'til I get bored.

So here's the experimental part. I usually slack off on the warmup and stretch so I made sure I would get that in. I stretched a bit first and then did 10 minutes of walking. After 10 minutes I did one set of my strength routine; stretched again and walked for 20 more minutes. Did my second set just fine (okay, it was hard but I did it!) and thought I'd finish strong (15 minutes) on the bike since I went through the trouble of taking it back outside. This did not go so well. I managed 5 before sliding off and resuming my walking for the last 10 minutes.

Here's the new plan: Walking only on strength days (until I get more strength) and bike first then walk on cardio only days. I used to bike like crazy (as some of you may remember) but since Elvis got really sick and I kinda quit doing it . . . I've had a hard time resuming. So starting off every other day just as much as I can muster and knowing I can finish off my 45 minutes with walking if I have to should help me get back on track.

So, there we have it. Feel free to laugh. I always did wish I had taken physical fitness more seriously in school.


  1. no laughter here. sounds like you are off to a great start. when i first started exercising i just did 15 minutes *total* and that was pre-sickie. so you are in way better shape at your start than i was at mine. i'm impressed.

  2. *blushes* Thanks. It really is hard! Especially since I don't feel, or feel like I look, any different than I did 30lbs ago.... -_- Just gotta keep pushing forward.


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