Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sim Tragedy

I don't know what happened. I can't fathom it! The real tragedy is that I don't have a copy of Theta to continue this story. Or even fake continuing the story. *cries* Here's what happened and what I did to try and fix it.

I was playing the Theta/Cleo household and noticed that after the age-up to Elder things were getting a little funky. They kept glitching out of the hot tub and resetting into the living room, they wouldn't woohoo in the shower. I thought it was an incompatibility with Elderhood and didn't think it was a problem. Until I tried to load up the game again. Theta didn't load. Cleo did, but she couldn't interact with Theta. I tried going into the edit town screen, plopped down a new house with a new family and went back to my household. Now Cleo was gone, too! It wouldn't even let me zoom in to the household to see if they were even in there. :(

So I spent today uninstalling old programs, ran antivirus and malware scanners, ran ccleaner, defragmented my C and G drives twice each, held my breath and restarted sims. Same. It loaded up, but they didn't load up. So I switched households. I started with an old man who lives around the corner. He went over for a visit. Cleo and Theta were both there . . . sort of. Cleo was dressed for work (even though I left her in her bathing suit), but at least she had her own name! Theta's name had been changed to Cassandra Do. -_- Okay, okay . . . I went back to the edit town screen and changed households again. This time I tried making Sapphire my active sim (apparently she's living with a guy now) and the game froze!! *cries* So . . . I don't know. I'm not leaving Moonlit Shores. I built it up from nothing in Creat-a-World and that was NOT easy. I think, though, if I continue playing normally without playing anyone directly involved with Theta that eventually they'll die off . . . . Just really bugs me that I don't know what went wrong. But just because EA sucks at fixing game bugs doesn't mean I'm going to cheat you on the story. Here's what was supposed to happen . . . at least as far as I had planned.

Cleo was going to get her last promotion and then retire. Her and Theta were not going to "officially" become a couple, because they don't really need to. They would stay close, share a bed, woohoo, talk, cook and clean for each other. At some point on a trip to the consignment store Cleo was going to find a chemistry set which she would gift to Theta. Theta would use that set and eventually discover the invisibility potion which she would then take with her into the time machine and put in her own mailbox in the past. Theirs was to be a relaxing and uneventful retirement, unless some random event came along to shake things up. I don't know who would have passed first, but the remaining partner would be devestated and more or less mope around the house until she also passed. I was going to make a special plot area for their tombstones in the graveyard, side by side and decorated with flowers.

I know . . . it looks unimpressive and anticlimactic plainly summarized like that, huh? I'm sorry. I'm going to start up another family with a new goal in mind. I'll understand if you don't want to invest yourself in another story with the possibility of another disappointing ending (thanks a lot EA), but I can promise that I will be exploring a feature that has not come up here or in my facebook album. I do hope you'll join me. Don't worry, there will be no Life Fruit abusers. Just "normal" sims living their normal lifespan. I'm just going to have to make sure I really like the lot I start on . . . . interested yet? No? . . . . hrm. What if I were to tell you that we will be exploring the deepest depths of possibly the most deranged sim psyche ever pixelated? Ok, I can't promise that. :p Well, I'm not gonna give anything away so either you'll show, or you won't. Either way I'll be blogging it so you know where to find it once you just can't stand the nagging curiosity any longer!! Right here.

Yeah, I'm used to typing a lot more on a "sim" blog so I'm rambly. Also . . . I like the sound the keys make. tik-a-tik-a-tik-a-tik-a Ok, fine, I'm going now. You'll miss me.


  1. aw! *pout* stupid EA with their stupid refusal to address glitches. this is one reason i didn't start playing 3. i *just* got all the bugs worked out of 2, didn't want to start over with new bugs. sorry you lost your girls, but it was a helluva story. i'll be waiting to see what you come up with next. ;)

  2. I showed up at the end of the story. D'oh! Sorry to hear they met a glitchy end, but hopefully the new family goes well. :)

  3. Hi Fernie! :D How exciting. Almost masks the pain of my poor sims meeting such a glitchy, premature end. Almost. I checked the site and their last game patch/update was WAY back in February! -_-


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