Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sim Search #2

Oh. It's you again. I thought you'd be back. Wondering if there have been any major breaks in the case, are you? Well there haven't been. Now go away, I have a headache. . . . *sigh* Fine. You want to know how things have been going? I'll tell you.

Stop snickering. This is a perfectly acceptable method of detection. It's called testing Murphy's Law. If the whole town could mysteriously re-appear while I've got my ass hanging out at the public pool then I could go back to Bridgeport and be done with this mess. Before you ask, it didn't work.

Like my new door? Just because I won't be having any new clients doesn't mean I shouldn't have an office.

Got my bedroom/kitchenette to the left and bathroom off to the right. Shame I didn't have room for a mini-bar. Now, with everything in order, I can get down to some serious detective work.

Searching for clues became tedious very quickly. The quiet around here is starting to ring in my ears. By all appearances I'd be willing to say that the whole town was simultaneously abducted by aliens. Unfortunately, everyone knows there's no such things as aliens.

Meticulously I visited every household and place of business, rummaging through trash and checking mailboxes. Each building told the same story. Two weeks ago (three by now) everyone disappeared at the exact same time. Left cars and, as far as I can tell peaking through windows, belongings exactly as they would have been like they had every intention of still being there. Time to step up my game.

Remember when I said I wasn't to the point of breaking and entering yet? Yeah, well, that was last week, this is this week and if I'm going to crack this case I'm going to have to dig deeper.

So many houses. So many fingerprints! I've narrowed my dusting to only those things that nefarious persons would be likely to touch. Chair arms, window locks, etc.

The hard part was trying to figure out where each household would keep anything valuable. There was nothing obviously missing in any of the houses, but then I don't know these people so how would I know what they owned? I didn't find any blood or signs of forced entry. Like a giant movie set. . . .

I compiled all of the fingerprints I lifted and sent them to the Federal office in Bridgeport. What?! Yeah, I could access the town's fingerprint databases in the hospital, police station and military base. Sure. And spend the rest of my life trying to figure out which ones don't fit. Screw off. Let a team of other people do that. I've still got work to do here while I wait for the results.


  1. sweet office! and if he really wanted to test murphy's law, he might try doing the whole investigation naked. :p

  2. hehehe that definitely would be somethin' huh?


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