Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reworking the System

Through the end of this past week I've been increasing my bike time. I went from my pathetic 5 minutes, to 10 minutes the next day. Saturday was a 'strength' day, but I got my strength workout done early in the room so after sunset I was able to increase my bike to 15 minutes (which was rough!) and ended up walking for about an hour. Not too shabby. I found this article on SparkPeople about the 13 Best Abs Exercises. So I modified my 'strength' routine from Squats/Pushups/Crunches to Crunches/Squats/Bicycle Crunches/Bench Press. I removed pushups because I just suck so bad and don't care enough at the moment to keep trying when my arms just collapse out from under me. I added the bicycle crunches because (if you read the article you'd know by now) it was clinically tested as the best (if by a small margin) abs exercise; and for a while this Spring I was doing the bench press anyway so I know I'm not horrid at that. And it'll work my pecs better than falling on my face.

Sometime in August (if I remember correctly) Brak is doing a green smoothie fast/detox diet. It's part of a whole thing for people with food sensitivities. I don't have any food sensitivites of which I am aware, but my last attempt at something similar left a lot to be desired. I think if we can do it together (....concurrently, at least) then I'll have a better shot at getting through it. And, no, I'm not just trying to use it as an excuse to not exercise. I'll spend the week meditating and yoga-ing. My personal yoga routine is fairly basic and unstrenuous so it shouldn't be a problem. If you'd like help making your own, check out Yoga Journal. Anyway, back to my introductory sentence: I need to find all the parts to a blender or my juicer. -_- And feel free to refer to this post if you're curious about my true motives.

I guess that's all I had to say about that. Today is my 'rest' day so no strength or cardio scheduled. Aside from the scrubbing I'll be doing. And lifting. I've only lost .1lbs (yes, "point one pounds") this past week, but I think as long as I can keep up with the bike next week should be better.


  1. oh awesome! yoga link score! that was something i meant to google, but... ya know.. been googling other less-fun things lately. :/ that should really help me get my act together in time. thanks! and oh awesome! for your awesome fitness progress too! .1 lbs is still something. sounds like you are really getting a good routine going now. :)

  2. hehe Thanks. :D And you're very welcome. I hope it's helpful for you.

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