Sunday, July 31, 2011

Patchwork Moment

Oh my goodness I have got to get my sleep schedule under control. I haven't gotten too much done the past couple of days and it's starting to bug me. I was doing so well. At least I'm still doing well with the exercising. 21 on the bike, 32 walking. Which almost makes up for the ice cream yesterday and capuccino this morning. *sigh* I can't wait for August 15th. Well, I can, but I don't wanna. I'll have structure, and a plan, and a buddy and all those things help.

I had a strange dream last night. Not as strange as previous ones, but . . . well, disturbing in it's own way. We were in this house, and our neighbors houses were the same. Except the trailer across from us was next to us (so we were all in a line instead of an L) and we were in the middle of a field and next to a highway. I think I was inside, but I had a kind of bird's eye view when a huge semi came crashing through our fences and turned through the other (side) fence to get from the highway to this other road in front of us. I wasn't sure what was going on, but after the second or third semi went through I guess I figured there was some set-up detour or something. When my vision returned to first-person I found myself looking through the door's window and was shocked when David (my ex) was standing outside the door staring at me. He really freaked me out at first, so I'm not sure what made me open the door. He wanted to talk. We walked towards, then down, the road the semis were trying to get to (using the hole they made in the fence) and it started getting very dark very quickly. I'm not sure if we actually talked, but suddenly I became aware of someone running up behind us. I sensed he was coming for me and picked up a big stick which I swung at him when he got close. He got on a bike (not sure where it came from) and started heading back in the other direction. David just sort of stood there (like he was glitched or something) and I ran off after the guy waving my stick. I threw it at him and knocked him off of the bike.

Yeah, that's it. Very weird. I'm also in the process of sizing-down my favorite pair of jeans. It's going well so far and hopefully I'll get the legs done today. If I'm really good maybe I'll even get the waistband back on. The shorts will be easier, I can just move the buttons over. Super fun! Now to set my alarm and try for a nap and hopefully I won't wake up hungry because we're having sausage for dinner and I've almost used up my calories for the day. Oh, and there will be a sim blog after my nap. How do I know if I'm, also, supposed to be missing? Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the story! Some people . . . . hehehehe


  1. is it just me or has there been a lot of conflict in your dreams lately? didn't someone get shot in the last one? but it's funny that david got glitched. sim bugs in real life! oh my!

  2. Oh yeah! Well, about to get shot. Maybe my brain's trying to work out some anger issues so I can be happy while I'm awake.


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