Saturday, July 9, 2011

Look in my phone

Well, well, well friends. Sims is giving me problems today. I loaded it up just fine, but when the family loaded Cleo was playable, but Theta was not. Cleo couldn't even talk to Theta! So I tried editing the town, plopped down a house with a family in it from the bin, went back to my family and NEITHER of them loaded! :( So I'm running the antivirus, then I'll run the ccleaner then I'll defragment then I'll restart the computer and hopefully that will fix whatever. I will be devestated if I lose these two!! *cries*

So . . . . while we're waiting on the antivirus to finish up I'm going to play a little game with you. It's called "What Pictures Has Lizzy Been Keeping in Her Phone"? I try to remember to take them off of there, it's not difficult to do. Sometimes, though, I'll just take a random picture and forget about it. I will admit there is only one really random picture, 3 were intended for another blog the other day, 2 I took this morning because the situation kind of cracked me up, and the last one is for an update so you don't think I forgot. Now that we know what we're in for, let's get to it shall we?


This first picture I took after getting 100% completion on Castlevania. I used to share this kind of stuff on facebook, but the app apparently disappeared? *boo* These are all of the games I've gotten all of the xbox achievements for on my account. I was hoping that Plants vs Zombies would be on there by now, but the final one is just giving me the hardest time! Unreal. Moving on.


These were going to be part of another "Find the Fire" blog and I kinda got dishearted when another fb friend beat me to putting up pictures from her side of the fire. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I let myself get defeated, but here they are for you. We almost didn't chase this one down because I really had to pee. But Aaron swore it was close so we set out. He was right, it was pretty close. We started from the HEB parking lot (can see quite a ways from there) and it was behind the airport/golf course on Business 190. It was a field. In the third picture you can see a sort of glint coming off of the fire truck. We should have gotten three more pictures. You see, by the time we got there they were already re-directing traffic. So we got sent through the golf course. The line was really backed up (it took them longer to get someone at the end of the road to direct traffic) and a few people decided to turn around. One of them was a big truck. Not semi, but the next size down. It clipped a tree with the top of the truck knocking off a couple small branches and leaves and caused a snooty old guy in a golf cart to turn around and see wtf was going on. The second one we should have gotten was off some golfers who sliced a ball that knocked up under the car. The third would have been of the cop they finally sent to direct traffic that got things moving along. He wasn't one of those fancy, dancing traffic directing cops, but if it weren't for him we would have been there a lot longer.


Just for kicks, this is what my hair looks like first thing in the morning. Or afternoon . . . . first thing after I wake up. All those curls!! I know there are girls (and probably guys) that would kill for curls, but you see . . . these aren't normal curls. If I could just run a wide-tooth comb through and have real curls (instead of this moppy mess) then, yeah, that would pretty cool. However, even a wide-tooth detangling comb does this. . . .


Wild mushroom head. And that is why I straighten my hair for pictures. Which I would have done if it weren't a bazillion degrees in the bathroom. I will, though. Soon. Honest.


Last one. This is my nails. They look a little whiter except for in the center. To me anyway. The thing that really bothers me is how much some of them are splitting. I always kind of hoped that it was the nail polish making them do that, but alas . . . . that is not the case. Ah well. I'm remembering the zinc about every other day.

Other than that I've also joined this website Spark People. It's got a nutrition and fitness tracker and after watching a couple of tutorial videos it's actually pretty helpful. And realistic. Their whole mantra is making small changes. Taking baby steps for long term health. On top of that, for the fitness tracker I set for myself to do 'strength' excersizes (yes, I ALWAYS mispell that word) three times a week and I just checked the box for them to generate stuff for me to do so I don't have to think about it, just do it. I was expecting some super complicated routine I'd have to modify or half-ass my way through, but no! It was three little excersizes: Leg lifts, side bends and chair leg lifts. I can do that. I did do that. Amazing! It's also really helping me keep better track of what I'm putting in my body.

Aside from that I got a little neon green notebook to keep my little "To Do" lists organized. And I mean little. I'm only giving myself 3-5 things to accomplish. Because if you can do what you set out to do, even if it's something small, you can feel better about yourself and keep moving forward. Uhm . . . I guess that's about it. Still waiting on the scanners. I guess I'll go get my cardio in. ;)

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  1. heh.. i didn't know you were so curly! and the nails are looking good. :)


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