Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It was only a dream

I only laid down for 2 hours or so, but I just had the longest, strangest, most intense dream I can remember having in quite some time. In fact, it was so strange (and sims has been so glitchy) that I thought I'd take some time to share it with you. As usual I'll try to remember everything as clearly and in order as I can.

The dream started out with us moving into a house. All of us. Aaron, my parents and myself. I think my sister may have also been there, but even with us it seemed like the house had too many rooms. It seemed to switch quickly between day and night. Either that or a lot of the windows had really dark blinds. I had a vague awareness that the house was two floors, plus a basement even though I only spent time on the top floor. I also had a vague awareness of my mom telling me at some point in the past that we were moving into this house, and that it was unusual because a girl had disappeared from the house and we were somehow loosely connected to her or the family. She had bought the house because it was only $12,000.

There was a lot of stuff left in the house. Furniture, clothes, toys. I ended up picking the room the girl had stayed in. This ended up being somewhat of a mistake, I thought, because I couldn't find a closet. There were two beds, but no closet. It was very dark, though, so I tried to turn on the light and the switch was loose. It kept dropping down. Even when I held it full up, though, the light would not come on. I could see the darkened shape of a cieling fan, so I climbed on the bed in the middle of the room and started pulling chains. Nothing happened. Except that a longer chain that was sort of settled up on one of the fan blades fell on my head.

I went to the window and it was indeed blinded. I pulled away the blinds and each of the two windows had fans in them. I pulled one fan away and it collapsed on itself. There was a tree *right* outside of the window and it had a wooden . . . . floor? Like someone was going to build a tree house, but never got around to it. I thought maybe I could climb out onto it, but when I stuck my head out of the window I saw Sandra and a cat in the window of the room next to mine. I also noticed "the dogs" in the yard. One was Elvis, one was Scruffy. There was another dog on the other side of the fence antagonizing them. Elvis just stood there staring at me, but Scruffy kept backing up and throwing himself at the fence trying to get at the other dog. The light outside went quickly from night back to day.

With the blinds open I could see that there was a closet. A pretty big one in fact. It was filled mostly with cobwebs and toys, but there were some clothes hung up. One piece that caught my attention was an old (looking) "southern belle" type of dress. I took it down and started looking for someone to show it to. The house, at least this floor, was set up very strangely. The room across from mine was another bedroom and it had three small beds. Next to that was what looked like a dining room. My dad and a detective were in there. The detective was sitting in a chair, my dad was half curled in his like he was trying to sleep. The detective looked at the dress, looked at me, then said "This chair smells funny" and had me lean over to smell it. Just as I tried the dog (a medium-sized grey pitbull) from the other side of the fence came barging in from what looked like a kitchen. He was growling and tried to bite me! Apparently this dog was also left over by the previous family and came with the house. It did not like me. I grabbed it by it's neck and drag-pushed it through the door and closed it; only to have it return through another door! This happened two more times before I noticed there were six doors in all that led into this room and got all of them closed. I looked at the detective and said, "I don't know why big dogs don't like me" and my dad rolled over and said "It's because you're a liar." WTF?

After that I ended up in a different house. It was much nicer and had a very fancy kitchen. For some reason I was helping Piers Morgan "fix" a Big Mac. He had the Big Mac, but there was something wrong with it and he was trying to heat it up on one of the fancy burners, but it came apart. I ended up making him two burger piles and somehow ended up with melted cheese all over the floor. I was trying to mop up the cheese when I caught my reflection in the patio door and realized I'd gotten quite fat again. I was about to start crying when my dad got a call on his phone from *somebody* saying they needed a key and I had to go to the "something Armory". I forget what the first word was. I knew the person and knew the place, so I went off in search of the key but never quite made it down the street.

There you have it. I think there was a bit more with Piers, but if there was, I forget. I kinda remember sitting on a porch with him and a couple of other people before he went inside to "fix" his food.


  1. ya know, *small* dogs don't like me. is that cause i always tell the truth? :p


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