Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fix My Comp!

Is what I was screaming yesterday. Oh, where to start, where to start, where to start . . . . You know that annoying fake "security" thing that'll pop it's way onto your computer and try to get you to buy their "software" but really it just hacks your computer? Anybody can get it. We've gotten it before, so has my mom. Well, we got it again. And I must commend my hubby for not being stupid (naive?) enough to actually click on anything. In fact, he was a bit pro-active and tried to run the CCleaner to fix it up, but of course that didn't help. So he just shut off the computer to let me handle it when I woke up.

Now, as I've mentioned, we have had this issue before. It's an annoying little bugger, isn't it? Well, in reality it should be an easy fix. Malwarebytes can get rid of it no problem. Unless, of course, this little intruder has also blocked programs from opening. -_- It's okay, take a deep breath, and do a little searching on the laptop. Oh? Run it in Safe Mode you say? Okay . . . this, took a little bit of doing. Apparently my computer doesn't like Safe Mode and kept freezing up. And my video card didn't like it either since that fritzed out on me. No worries, plug the monitor into the internal video card and we'll worry about that later. Finally I got Malwarebytes to run it's full 8 hour (I have 4 hard drives . . . *teehee*) scan and . . . . NOTHING?! Seriously? *ugh* Fine. I tried another scanner (Seek & Destroy) and it found *some* things, but not *the* thing.

Well, this is a bit of a problem, isn't it? The Remove this Malware! tutorial I was using suggested trying a system restore. Oy . . . System Restore and I are not friends. That's why I have Frankenputer now and not my old Dell. *feh* System Restore. Bollucks! But . . . . renaming the .exe file for malwarebytes didn't make it magically run (the tutorial suggested renaming it to winlogon or iexplore to trick the malicious little fuck) so it's not like I had anything to lose, right? I suppose . . . . So. Start the computer back up in Safe Mode. "Are you sure you want to run in safe mode? Wouldn't you rather do a system restore?" Yes, Frankenputer has such a prompt. Not verbatim, but close. "Yes, oh great and powerful e! I would, indeed, like to preform a system restore as you so graciously suggest to this lowly peon."

After a bit of hourglass icon the system restore panel finally comes up. I pick a point 7 days ago. Seven is a good number. I could have picked two days ago, but what the hell? Let's go for broke. The computer chugga-chuggs along and a screen pops up vaguely detailing the restore progress. A little line bar. Well . . . Dell didn't do that. And it took a while, too. After about 45 minutes of "restoring" it went about the process of "restarting" (why the quotes? I dunno. :p) and wouldn't ya know . . . it worked! Presumably. Another run of Malwarebytes came back clean and this morning I got the video card running again. It's a big ol' heavy thing, and the converter piece is also heavy so it comes loose sometimes.

So that is my tale of woe. At least there's a happy ending. Even happier now that I'm leaving you for sims. Auf wiedersehen.

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