Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Sim #9

I wonder if perhaps my naming this portion of the blog the way I did inadvertantly influenced the contained sims. Joseph and Janey each decided they 'want' another child! I have denied them this. No way, no thank you, nyu-uh. Janey is nurturing, but neither of them is "family oriented" so I dunno what their deal is.

Oh, but I'm getting side-tracked. There is some fabulous news in the Simmelson household. The triplets are now children and fully capable of taking care of themselves! Ah, sims. As long as they're inside by curfew nothing really horrific can happen to the childrens. What's even more amazing is that during the age-up process they were each granted the 'Virtuoso' trait! Sound of Music anyone?

Perhaps not. All of that renovating left Joseph and Janey strapped for cash once again. So, after a celebratory slice of freshly baked key lime pie, Janey re-enlisted in the military.

Interesting, though, what children can get into. Since they didn't have to be watched 24 hours a day they managed to get their hands on some interesting, and familiar, dolls . . . once Janey saw this she had a mild panic attack and quickly took the dolls from the girls and burned them up in the oven. There's something not-quite-right about those dolls . . .

A feeling which was confirmed when she passed Thorn in the kitchen. Poor fella. Talking to air again. She hoped this would not hinder his chances at landing a good job and a decent wife to take care of him.

Turns out she need not have worried so much about him. (or perhaps she need have?) As she went back to military life and Joseph made his way to the office, Thorn ushered the girls onto the school bus. He then assured the bus driver he'd get to school on his bike (he has a bike?!) after he went in to grab something he'd forgotten. Against his better judgement the bus driver shuttled the girls off to their first day of school. Thorn stayed behind and worked feverishly at the chemistry set as Hesper watched from a safe distance on the couch. After five grueling hours he triumphantly presented Hesper with this vial.

He encouraged her to drink it, looking only slightly deranged as he did so. They had been bestest friends since before either of them could remember so she didn't hesitate to try out his latest concoction. Suddenly Hesper's head started to spin and she was overcome with a tingly, bubbly feeling inside.

There was a bright flash of light and once Thorn's eyes adjusted he saw Hesper standing before him. Not the doll-like friend he'd come to love over the years, but the real Hesper! Being imaginary had not afforded her the luxury of being able to open the fridge and eat so the first order of business was to feed her before she starved.

Aren't they so adorable together? Once everybody gets back home Thorn will make all the proper introductions. Hesper, naturally, knows everybody and everything about the household, having been a part of it for so long; but no one else even believes she exists! Yet. And in case you're curious, her traits are: Disciplined, neat, angler and. . . . hot headed. Lovely.


  1. hot headed? it was pretty good up until that... i dunno if having a live imaginary friend makes you more or less insane than having a pretend one.

  2. I dunno. I guess at the very least it makes him one HELL of a chemist. :D


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