Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Sim #8

Despite a stupid repetitive glitch (which according to the Sims 3 forums is related to travel) time still ticks by in Moonlit Shores. Shortly after the triplets were born Joseph aged up into a proper adult, which was a relief for Janey who assumed it would make him more responsible.

I don't know how much more responsible he could be, already being at Level 8 of the business career, but it was nice to see him pitch in with the girls while Janey got in a few naps.

That Friday was a massive birthday celebration in the Simmelson household. The girls were due to age up that afternoon, but Janey figured she'd get a jumpstart (since her and Thorn's birthdays were also that afternoon) and bought each of the girls a cake to age them up that morning instead. Aren't they adorable?

Janey's birthday was about as lonely and uneventful as Joseph's, but she did manage to pick herself out a new outfit before returning to her motherly duties. Thorn had the benefit of sharing his transition into teenhood with the one girl who's always been there for him.

That weekend was certainly no time off for anybody. Three toddlers is a lot to handle and everybody pitched in with the potty training and teaching Azalea, Lily and Rose to walk and talk. A true family affair.

Not all goals were accomplished, but they did make enough progress that Janey was sure she could handle the rest herself. So come Monday Joseph and Thorn could leave for work and school respectively without worrying about the girls' development. Still . . . I wonder if Joseph would be freaked out if he knew he had company while watching the morning news before work. He didn't seem to sense her at all.

Prom came in the middle of the week this year. Not sure who's bright idea that was, but this was one event that Hesper was not going to miss. Here she is jumping into the limo just before it takes off.

While he was away, and Joseph was on the phone making those ever important inter-office connections, Janey managed to get the last of the teaching done. The Simmelson 3 were now fully capable of walking, talking and using the potty all by themselves! Quite an accomplishment. And a set of tasks I'm very happy to have behind me.

Unbeknownst to me, or anybody else for that matter, Thorn picked up another random trait during his age-up that made the diagnosis of "happy go lucky" rather moot. He is now hot headed, which triggered a lifetime want of being a supervillian and also managed to get him into five fights at prom! These fights "persuaded" the rest of his classmates to vote him prom king. And to top it all off, given his state of insanity, when Thorn struck up a conversation with Hesper while standing for his prom picture, the principle told the photographer to snap it anyway figuring that would be the best they were going to get.

The triplets will be aging up soon and Joseph and Janey were suddenly struck with a problem. There is no way that two bathrooms are going to be enough for six sims. It's barely enough for the three of them. For the moment, at least, the girls are all getting along so the reasonable thing to do seemed to be to expand their bedroom and give them a dorm-style bathroom. Now the "master" bedroom is the dinkiest room in the house (which barely resembles the shack it once was), but at least the children have plenty of space. Even if the girls will have to cut through Thorn's room to get to the playground . . . perhaps a gate would also be a good idea.

I thought I was doing well enough with Thorn, but I didn't get to pick his 4th trait. The girls . . . at least I'm a good enough juggler that they haven't been taken away by social services.


  1. that house is getting big... Thorn as a hot-headed nut should be interesting.

  2. Just realized I called Janey "Theta" -_-

  3. yeah... i was gonna point that out, but it seemed kind of rude to leave it in comments in case you wanted to go back and change it. no worries, i called lyndsay belle "hillary" (her mother) more than that, i just caught it before i posted.

  4. I was going to, but it looks like after someone's commented you can't change it. No worries. I'll just have to read 'em thrice before posting. ;)

  5. Nope, I was wrong. Just figured out how to edit it.


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