Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Sim #7

School has just started and while he's met a few other children, Thorn is having a hard time fitting in. Then, it is only the beginning and lots of us don't fit in off the bat. I'm sure he just needs to get to know his classmates a little better. Though, it would help if Janey could convince him to not wear his swim trunks to school . . .

Between his genius and insantiy Thorn can keep himself occupied, with or without friends. What parent wouldn't want that. Well . . . most parents wouldn't leave their chemistry set out in the open where children can reach it, none that I know anyway. He seems to be doing alright, though. I wonder what he's up to?

After making a stink bomb (and getting a little cocky about it) Thorn ended up exploding his next creation. I guess even genius falters from time to time. The downside to having such a realistic imaginary friend is that sometimes it walks in on you when you're trying to take a shower and you don't quite get that singe off before collapsing into bed.

I swear, sim gestation gets shorter and shorter. It's already time for the Simmelsons to greet the newest addition to their family! Janey is a bit skeptical about hospital births after the way Thorn turned out and figures she could do better at home. By herself. "No sweat" she says and tells Joseph to go ahead and help Thorn with his homework. I think perhaps somebody should've gone into another room.

Turns out, she was right. It was a perfectly smooth birth. And it was a good thing she was at home otherwise there wouldn't have been enough hands available to carry all these babies!

Joseph and Janey Simmelson are now the proud (if a bit astonished) parents of triplet girls!! :D I'm guessing blue is a recessive skin tone. Anyway, from left to right is Azalea, Lily and Rose. All perfectly healthy. I was going to write down their traits, but I forgot. I'll get those to you next time. As it was getting them all off the floor, fed and into their cribs was a bit of a juggling act. Good thing Joseph was promoted to CEO (his lifetime wish fulfilled) and makes almost 2000simoleons a day. All those mouths to feed . . . .


  1. holy cow! that's a ton of kids! congrats on the triplets and good luck.

  2. lol Yeah, it's tough juggling them all. But, I have a plan. :D It's gonna be pretty sweet.


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