Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Sim #6

Thorn's little friend has not become any less of an integral part of his life. And his parents are both so busy they pay her no mind. Early testing alerted them to Thorn's insanity and since they've yet to see any indication of this affliction, they do not believe Hesper to be any harm. In fact, perhaps her constant presence is actually helping keep him more focused.

This is especially important this week as Janey's maternity leave is over and it's time for her to return to work. They're unsure how Thorn is going to react to being left alone with a stranger, but with their financial situation still incredibly unstable they see little choice but to head to work and hope for the best.

That first day was not too terrible. Jaimmee was a fantastic babysitter and even kept Hesper involved in playtime. Quite a relief. For Joseph because he was flat out exhausted. A long day of meetings earned him a promotion to Division Manager; and a stroke of luck at the Bistro rocketed him right into the Vice President position. All he did was join in a round of "Happy Birthday" not even realizing the celebration was for his boss's friend! (I really should make more "ambitious" sims) He came home and passed right out. For Janey because she's struggling with refinding her groove after so much time away. Her superior officer gave her a pile of papers to sort through and she was appreciative of Hesper's ability to keep Thorn calm and occupied while she piled over her stack of classified information.

Over the coming days Hesper's even guided Thorn to his other, skill building, toys. This one promotes logic. Is she really being helpful, or is there some other motive at work here?

I'm not sure what's going on here, or if it's more disturbing because Thorn was on the verge of aging up . . .

Now, Joseph and Janey are very loving parents. And they feel guilty having to be away so often. But perhaps they went a little overboard with the gift giving on this particular birthday. Thorn not only has his own room, but his own playground complete with sandbox, see-saw, rocky horse, and club house (not to mention the hopscotch board built into his bedroom floor). And when Thorn insisted on having a big boy bunk bed to share with Hesper . . . well, they certainly weren't going to deny him that, either. They were starting to save up a little nest egg, but this massive splurge sent them right back down to a little over 200simoleons. And right before the weekend, too.

Uhm . . . granted a lot of kids have imaginary friends. It's really no big deal, right? But . . . uhm . . . this one seems to be tottering on the real side of "imaginary", doesn't it?

And even though we can plainly see Thorn getting to know his good friend Hesper, his parents see this:

Well, he is insane and it was bound to manifest eventually. School is starting soon and so they hope that making real friends will help. Perhaps they'd be more worried if Janey weren't expecting again!

At least they still get to spend a few meals together as a family. Even if Hesper is still coming along for the ride . . .

Sunday they recieved a special post notifying them of their obligation to have Thorn tested for any aggressive psychological ticks of which the school should be made aware. Despite this unusual display , the psychologist assured them that their little boy was more the happy-go-lucky type of looney.

Not only that, they were informed that their son is also a genius! Oh my. An exciteable, insane genius. Sounds like a handful. Perhaps that's the explanation for his overly active imagination?

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  1. big room for such a little kid. glad he's not aggressive. :)


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