Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Sim #5

Joseph and Janey are both working so hard, I almost feel sorry for them. But, they wanted a child and I suppose that's what happens. It's a good thing that Joseph is ambitious or they might have some serious problems. Good thing, too, that it's a weekend and Joseph is around to care for Thorn because Janey got a very interesting proposition from the astronomical division of the science facility. If they don't find a new celestial body soon they'll lose all of their funding and so they've recruited Janey to help. Help which, upon completion, will be compensated. They need the money so Janey spends the day napping while Joseph cares for Thorn and practices his speaking skills in the nearby mirror.

She's so pretty . . . . She woke up a few hours before sunset so she offered to stay in while Joseph went out for some fresh air and a swing by the local art museum. It's nothing compared to Theta's art commune, but it had a few interesting exhibits. While Thorn napped Janey attempted to discover more potions, but . . . that's still not going very well. A mild explosion woke Thorn and despite the safety hazard Janey immediately went to his side before de-singe-ing herself in the shower.

Turns out botching a potion doesn't take much time at all. After Thorn finally stopped fussing she figured she had enough time to try her hand at making frog legs. (anything but more mac and cheese!!) The process was quite simple and she decided that they weren't half bad. Joseph, freshly returned from the museum, said they tasted even better than the cafe ones in France! Whether this was true or whether it has anything to do with his recent 'want' to have another child, I'm not sure.

With both of her guys asleep Janey was finally able to make it outside (with mostly fresh eyes) and scan the skies. After several hours she was about to give up and try to get some sleep before preparing breakfast when a flash of light in the west caught her attention. She swiveled the telescope and the tail end of a shooting star alerted her to an orange speck she hadn't noticed earlier in the night. Turns out, nobody had ever noticed it before and she was the proud discoverer off a far off baby star! She was awarded a grand total of 1500 simoleons and was given the opportunity to name it. She was both exhausted and flustered and the only name that came to mind was Hesper.

Sunday was . . . interesting. One of those days that just flies by without anything really happening. Thorn is now a toddler and so Janey explained to him that she named a star after his little dolly and he was ecstatic about it. I'm not sure if it's funny, sad, or kind of creepy; but for all of the money they've spent on toys and furniture for little Thorn . . . . he just won't let go of that doll. They practically have to wrench it away from him for potty training and teaching him to walk and talk is a struggle unless the doll is sitting there watching. He talks to it and sings to it and won't go down for a nap unless it's right there with him.

At least it hasn't been discovered in any strange places lately. Probably definitely not a gnome in disguise, but still . . . . those blankly staring button eyes are more than a bit unnerving.


  1. he wants *more* kids? maybe the next one will be blue

  2. Maybe :D Long as it doesn't turn out red or *gasp* people-colored. . . . . XD


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