Friday, July 15, 2011

Family Sim #4

Oh my how time flies when you're a sim. It seemed like only yesterday they were fighting fires and chasing burglars and trying to replace everything in time for . . . the baby! Oh my goodness, it's time for the baby!! Joseph and Janey had just sat down to eat when she felt those sure signs (whatever they are) of impending motherhood.

I guess fire and chemicals and money worries are not so good for a pregnant woman. I only got to pick one trait for the little one. The other was randomly selected. May I now present to you the newest little Simmelson. His name is Thorn and so far he's exciteable and insane . . . . . hrm.

In a small stroke of luck Joseph was asked to head a seminar on the importance of inter-office relations which earned him another promotion (told ya he was ambitious) to Corporate Drone. He gets to wear a suit now. Like a real workin' man. Now that he's up in the offices he's run into Theta! Hrm.... I could've sworn she had a very lucrative job as a sculpter . . . .

Back home Janey was surprised when the mailman dropped off a package from "Great Aunt Ruth". Whose great aunt could that be? Hrm . . . she was more than a little disturbed when she opened the box and found this doll. Kinda creepy. The attached tag says her name is Hesper.

Joseph made the smart move to swing by the grocer and pick up some flowers for Janey. He hoped this would soften the blow when he told her he was being sent to France to work out a business deal with a local merchant. Looks like he was right.

The office paid for three days abroad, but Joseph only needed three hours to schmooze his way into a very profitable agreement.

He took some time to swing by the cafe for a nice meal of frogs legs. He really liked the frogs legs and stopped by the bookstore to pick up the recipe. Maybe he could talk Janey into learning it when he gets home.

He called up Theta and asked her for tips to make the most of his time in France. She tipped him off to an old burial mound she remembered that had a bit of treasure from time to time. Well, that certainly sounds like a stop worth taking. And it was!

He wasn't sure if frogs legs were available in Moonlit Shores so he took some time out to go fishing. The work was done and he'd been doing a lot of overtime. He deserved a little break, right? And surely if Janey was willing to learn how to make frogs legs she could clean frogs, right? Why not?

Back home nothing had changed (because that's how the game works) and Joseph made sure to butter up his lovely wife before presenting her "gifts". She was a lot more receptive than I would have been. Perhaps it's her nurturing nature. She was actually quite eager to learn this new delicacy. Maybe she's just tired of mac and cheese.

The infant Thorn is a fussy little thing. Janey tries to keep up with him, but sometimes in the middle of the night she's not as quick to get to him and he wakes up the whole household . . . somebody is going to need a seperate bedroom soon.

They've attributed this incessant fussiness to "Hesper"'s random appearances around their small home.

Although how "she" managed to get outside is still a bit of a mystery.

Surely Hesper is nothing more than a doll, right? Great Aunt Ruth wouldn't send them something as sinister as a gnome disguised as a doll, would she? Certainly not. Poor Hesper is just an inanimate victim of Thorn's tantrums. . . . Joseph's rousing success in France earned him yet another promotion to Department Head. He took his bonus money to section off a bedroom for himself and Janey. No more waking up in the middle of the night for him. Now, a purely gratuitous picture of Janey taking a ride to the library (where better to read her new recipe book while Joseph takes up some of the baby-watching slack) on her pretty pink motorcycle.


  1. why did maxis make things so creepy? weird lil gnomes and dolls... but congrats on the insane kid. :p

  2. Yes, creepiness. Even the regular teddy bears are kind creepy, but this thing is somethin' else.


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