Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Sim #3

I wasn't going to do a sim blog today, but the screenshots were adding up so I thought it might be a good idea to get one batch out of the way. I also wasn't going to sim blog again when I realized the first two sets were labelled Simm0X.jpg instead of Simm00X.jpg. -_- This is going to be a huge headache, but I'll work through it. Now, without any further ado, let's see what the Simmelsons are up to!

Minus a little snafoo at the chemistry set, things were going fairly well. As uneventful as it may be, things still are. More or less. Joseph invited his boss over for dinner, because nothing says "promote me" like a home cooked meal.

Course nothing says "wtf" like seeing your boss show up looking like that. At least the dinner went well and Joseph was promptly promoted to Filing Clerk. Not too shabby and a great way to start off the weekend. It gets better, though, as Janey finally discovered her first potion!

With these two small victories to celebrate, Joseph took his promotional bonus and bought them a bed. A real bed! No more sleeping on the floor and woohooing in the shower. Not for this up and coming young couple.

The next morning did bring a bit of excitement. Janey woke up feeling a tad nauseous but also better than she had since their honeymoon. Which may have made her a bit cocky when preparing that morning's waffles . . .

But they tackled this emergency swiftly and, most importantly, together. The stove could not be recovered and had to be replaced, which set them back again. 400simoleons.

Still, they were determined to not let a little thing like finances sully their weekend. In fact (and yes this does worry me a tad) Joseph decided to really relax.

Yep, went out, got the paper, brought it back in and read it . . . naked. Hrm. I apologize ahead of time if this leads to a premature story-ending glitch. Anyway, they enjoyed their weekend, making full use of their new bed. Janey discovered two more potions and in the process discovered that there's really no market in Moonlit Shores for potions. Not a money maker. But it's raising her intelligence, and that makes her happy. Joseph was so happy (from all the woohooing) going back to work that he earned another promotion that very day! He's now a Report Processor and making his way steadily up.

With Janey now visibly pregnant they decided to splurge a little on some pregnancy books, a crib and a teddy bear. Unfortunately . . . fate does not smile on the Simmelsons.

Luckily Joseph is not a heavy sleeper and scared off the burgler. She made off with the tv and teddy bear. Who does that?! A burglar alarm set them back another 900simoleons. Looks like Joseph's putting in some overtime so they can save up for the new baby.

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  1. maybe the burglar is a single mom? i can't think of any other reason to steal a tv AND a teddy bear.


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