Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Sim #2

The sun rises on the Simmelson's first full day in Moonlit Shores. Time to get up and get moving. There's a lot that needs to be done if they want to make a life here. Janey wakes up first.

As a nurturer she starts preparing breakfast before doing anything else. Even getting dressed.

For someone who's never cooked before she can sure whip up some amazing waffles. Didn't burn them or set the kitchen on fire or anything! Joseph has enough time to use the bathroom and shower and his breakfast is ready for him when he gets out. Janey lets him know she made a lot because this probably won't happen every day. Fans of me (or sims) know how hard it is to get families to share a meal and I usually don't like going through the trouble of timing it up. So enjoy this shot:

It was good timing for a good breakfast because they both had early morning missions. After a quick shower Janey went and enlisted in the army. Joseph put on his best "I belong here" face and marched right up to the DooPeas Corperate Offices and demanded a job. Which he was given. He . . . uh . . . gets the boss his coffee. -_- Gotta start somewhere, I guess.

After her recruiter told her she didn't start until Friday (giving her a full day off) Janey decided she wanted a chemistry set. You know, so she could concoct potions and sell for profit, right? May as well make money in her time off. It makes total sense!

Joseph gave her a call saying he'd be late home because he was schmoozing the office folks (he does start tomorrow and wants to start off on the right foot) so she didn't have to wait up. Since her potion-making venture wasn't going as well as she'd hoped she decided to get a head start on her career-related activities and went to the gym to pump some iron. Hey, look at who's getting all muscley right next to her. Yep. That's Cleo. *sigh*

After raising her athletic skill two points she decided to take another whack at potion making. Joseph arrived home and stood there dumbfounded for a while . . . until the point where Janey decided that "whack" was probably a bad approach . . .

I take the trophy in this context to mean something akin to "Smooth move exlax". However, his concern for her well-being more or less overshadowed his exasperation over the extravagent purchase and they did not end up having their first fight over it. 1000simoleons on a chemistry set? Well . . . he had wanted to start work on renovating the house this weekend, but it looks like they'll be shack-ing it a bit longer. Ah well. Maybe she'll make something out of it yet. If not, they can always sell it. At a great loss . . . .


  1. she didn't set the waffles on fire her first time?! neato. too bad she couldn't figure out the chemistry set as easily.


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