Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Sim #10

Back again, checking in on the Simmelsons. Let's see how Hesper's fitting in.

Looks good to me. As it turns out her sudden appearance wasn't as much of a shock to the household as I would have expected. Perhaps they did sort of sense her the whole time. Everyone is working so hard. Janey's made her way up to squad leader, the kids are all on the honor roll, and Joseph has topped out in the business career. Went straight from Chairman of the Board to Power Broker. He is now making 500simoleons an hour and looking to increase that. After all the money spent on the kiddos he's gotta think about retirement now. Which is what I assume he was doing on Wednesday, his day off, when he decided to pop open a bottle of 1,500 year old nectar he picked up while he was in France.

He made it halfway through the bottle and was relieving himself when the maid showed up and . . . wait . . . . what's she doing with the nectar?!

Oh noes. It should come as no surprise that by Thursday the Simmelsons had a new maid.

And with mere days left until graduation (and after seeing the way the rest of his classmates responded to her) Thorn decided to let Hesper know exactly how he feels about her.

How cute. Apparently a sim can end up having a real physical relationship with their (formerly) imaginary friend. Even though they have the same last name, their family trees are not attached. I guess if anybody's going to love this hot headed looney for himself it would be her.

After much frustration and a few crashes, the triplets are now triumphantly teenagers! Aside from sharing the 'Virtuoso' trait they now also all share the 'Artistic' trait. And so it seems only natural that they'd decide to start a band together. They're still working on increasing their skill and haven't thought of a name yet, but they wasted no time making their practice area look just as kick-ass as they could make it. Amazing what can be accomplished with combined allowances. Now, here is the very first music video. Presenting Azalea on guitar, Lily on drums and Rose on the keyboard.

I dunno what Azalea's problem is. I've had her facing the right way once and not again since. -_- Uhm, I mean . . . isn't it nice how they're all facing each other while they practice so they can . . . uh. . . give each other notes and stuff? :D


  1. music makes bubbles? that's cool. and is hesper's hair blue or is it just the light?

  2. Bubble machines make bubbles. :D There's two of them for full bubble coverage. And, yes, Hesper's hair is blue. She came out a lot prettier than the imaginary friend Aaron turned real. Although, his had marionette face-lines . . . .


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