Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Sim #1

I would like (if I may) to introduce you to the newest residents of Moonlit Shores.

They are a newlywed couple who are just aching for a challange. His name is Joseph Simmelson. He loves the outdoors, is a great kisser, handy, charismatic and ambitious. His goal in life is to be CEO of a MegaCorporation. Her name is Janey Simmelson and she is also handy and a great kisser, but she's also rebellious, nurturing and a heavy sleeper. They met in Riverview, but farm country just didn't hold any appeal for them so they sought out the diversity of Moonlit Shores. They didn't have much money to move and bought this house . . . which had just enough amenities to be concidered a house.

Good thing they brought their sleeping bags. Well, they want a challange, and turning this little box into a home is going to be a BIG one for them. His first 'want' is to get started in the business career path. Her is to own a motorcycle. And join the army . . . . not sure her rebellious nature is quite suited for the army, but I guess they can use all the money coming in they can get.

And so they spend the first night in their new home. The start of a whole new adventure for them. And for me. I really only have one goal in mind so I guess we'll just see where they want to go. Should be interesting.

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  1. hmm.. i'm just wondering if they'll have aqua-colored babies..?


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