Monday, July 18, 2011

Extra Sim-y Content

In the interest of filling you in on this little imaginary friend without breaking up the continuity of the story too badly, here are a couple of videos for you to enjoy. Hopefully. They're a bit grainy. In the first one you can see the difference between Thorn's imaginary friend, and what happens when Thorn falls asleep and his imagination is otherwise occupied. Also happens when he goes to school.

In this video Thorn is see-sawing with Hesper (duh) and I'm switching the active sim from Thorn to Janey.

And as a sad little tribute, the final video of Theta that I forgot I had taken. It was intended to show off her walking with the cane. I apologize for not putting the walls back up for it.

There. Hopefully that'll make up for the awfully uninspired story I've been trying to throw at you. I'm still a bit sad over losing Theta and Cleo so prematurely. :(

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