Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Or... on the seat. The bike seat. Made it up to 20 minutes today, plus 45 minutes of walking. All this in addition to my strength and yoga this morning. I really should yoga more often. Almost hurt myself. Anyway, the 20 minutes were sweaty and I had to push myself for those last two, but that's way better than 5. Tomorrow is cardio only so I'm going to try for 25, but as long as I can manage 21 I'll be happy. Hey, don't give me that look! I'm also re-increasing the tension on the bike. One notch each time I use it until the curvy arrow is back to it's "smiley face" position. Oh I could release all the tension and up my speed and just fly for however long I'm on it, but this way I feel like I'm working harder (even if I barely maintain 20mph) and I think I kinda need that part. And soon I'll be up to 30 minutes on the bike and I can just do 20 minutes of walking to cool down and clear my head.

Oh, before I go, one last thing I'm pretty proud of. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I know, who doesn't? I'm also a bit of a compulsive eater. If there's a half eaten bag of cookies, I'll finish them off so they don't get wasted. Can't help it. Anyway, back when I was a kid I gave up candy for Lent. I was young and believed in the principle and it was easy. Now . . . . not so much. And dessert flavored gum does NOT help. The good news is, I've learned that I don't have to give it up. Granted I probably shouldn't eat a 2lb bag of Twizzlers to myself overnight. . . but I have found a system that's working. I love gummies. Especially Haribo. So when my mom went out of her way and bought me a bag of Haribo cola bottle gummies I thanked her and ran off with it. Normally I'll take down half the bag before I realize what's even happened. This time was going to be different. I punched the nutrition information into Spark People, checked the serving size, then went and got a little tupperware container. I removed 3 cola bottles (1/3 of a serving, roughly) and put the rest in the tupperware and stuck that under the computer. As it turned out, 3 was enough. I enjoyed the taste and the chewing and got my candy fix without going overboard. And since I put in all the prep work before indulging, I found that I really was good after those 3. It's like a treat, and since the tupperware keeps them fresh I don't have to rush through. So, yeah, yay me! :D

Now to try and sleep. I hate to waste the post-workout energy, but the heat has been just awful and it's only going to get worse these next few days so if we can keep running errands in the morning that would be super helpful. It'll be fall soon enough and I can workout in the middle of the day. All things in time.


  1. yay! for the bike! i wish mine had a "Smiley face" tension position. it just has a little two-way arrow thing. and good work with the gummies. i'm the exact same way with bags of stuff. if i take the whole bag out, i'm gonna eat the whole bag. separating out servings ahead of time is a great strategy. good work!

  2. :D Thanks. Yeah, mine's a two-way arrow, but it's curved, so when it's at the bottom it looks like a smiley face. Ooooh, I have little flower stickers I could put on there for eyes!


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