Sunday, July 3, 2011

Awesomness Part 36

Monday when Cleo set off for work Theta decided it was time to visit the library. Perhaps there would be something on the internet to inspire her sculpting since she keeps making Giraffe topiaries over and over and over and . . . over. When she got there, however, she noticed this elegant spiral staircase in the middle of the second floor. She could swear she'd never seen it before, it is in a pretty obvious place. In face, she wasn't terribly convinced that the library even had a third floor. Eventually curiosity got the best of her and she ascended the mysterious staircase.

As she emerged on the third floor her eyes simply could not adjust to the darkness. There were no windows and as impossible as it seemed, no light filtered up from below. She was about to feel out the handrail to go back downstairs when suddenly a dim light flickered on behind her. She turned and gasped in shock and confusion. Unsure what she was seeing. There was a portrait on the wall and a pedastel with a very very old looking book sitting on it. The portrait gave no clues, though the woman looked very beautiful and graceful and . . . kind of frightening. She blew some dust off of the cover of the book and in swirly gold lettering it proclaimed "Spellbook of Lady Ravendancer Goth". Well, everybody's heard legends of the Goth family, of course, but she couldn't remembering hearing anything about a Lady Ravendancer. And what's a Spellbook? Like grammar? Well, she'd come this far and reading a bit couldn't hurt, right? She'd just be very very careful not to tear any pages and be out of there before anybody noticed.

Turns out it wasn't that simple. The book was written in Olde Simlish and it took Theta a bit for it to come back to her. When it did, though, she realized that the "chapter" titled Moodus Elevatus wasn't grammar at all. It was a magic spell! So Lady Ravendancer Goth was some kind of witch. That explains a lot about the Goth family . . . . She spent the next few hours memorizing this spell and then realized it was almost time for Cleo to get off of work and rushed home. After listening intently to Cleo's Tales of Terror as Department Head (thankfully she's just a day away from being promoted to the cushy job of assistant principle) she tried to remain calm while relating the events of her own day. Cleo was intrigued, but didn't quite believe any of this was possible. She didn't remember any spiral staircase in the library. So Theta attempted to cast the spell she had learned.

Unfortunately it backfired and they both went through the next 24hours making random animal noises . . . . bit it was something! She suggested Theta return to the library, see if she was still able to reach the book, and see if there was anything in there that might help them uncover the truth about what happened to Nels. And, please, study hard. A bit of practice might be a good idea, too. Ya know . . . so they don't end up with a hospital full of barking doctors.

Thinking that happy sims are cooperative sims Theta kept working on the Moodus Elevatus spell. Cleo was cornered and talked into helping with a school-wide bake sale. Even though she's a terrific vegetarian/organic cook, she hasn't learned any desserts yet! So she sat down with a book on cookies and converted a chocolate chip recipe into something healthier and tastier.

The cookies turned out great and the bake sale was a huge success. The school made enough money to buy new history textbooks for every single grade level! Impressive.

Theta's been working hard sculpting, making more ice furniture and selling off topiaries that aren't dragons. (Stupid game, give me the dragon!!) She's spent a bit of time studying the spell, and tried it out on a few random sims in the park. Her confidence is improving, and so is her success rate.

Thursday over a breakfast of organic french toast they talked over their investigation strategy. Friday afternoon Theta will swing by City Hall and see if her connection there has any information, then Saturday they're going to the hospital to see if they could find anything more on the nature of the beast. What had sent so many fire fighters here if not smoke inhalation and minor burns?

A new weekend is just around the corner. Will they discover the source of Theta's divorce woes? Will it make a difference? Will it make any sense? What will they do with themselves once they finally reach the end of this mad investigation? So many questions I can't take the pressure!!! Kidding, I'll get your answers. :)


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