Saturday, July 9, 2011

Awesomeness Part 40

Theta hasn't been the only awesome sim in this tale. Every sim has their own story, their own wants and desires. Their own journey towards personal awesomeness. Cleo is no different. She may have been duped out of her job, but she perseveres; and her job is only part of her journey. She still has her own personal Lifetime Goal to achieve. And Theta has helped her to attain it!

She had easily gotten the perfect body, and finally she has the perfect mind to go along with it. Not only that, a bit of research assisting at the science facility (using her charisma to make ants dig in specific patterns) maxed out her Charisma as well! :D Way to go Cleo! She was so proud of herself she didn't hesitate to pose when the Police Department asked Theta to create an ice sim sculpture and didn't disclose the reasons for wanting it.

Don't worry, it wasn't for target practice. Turns out they were testing a newly recruited profiler who claimed he could uncover the personality of a person by their artwork. I guess this would come in handy if Moonlit Shores is ever plagued by a vandal or something . . .

Theta was feeling pretty jittery about her upcoming birthday so she meditated for an hour and then went to bed so she could avoid thinking about it. Cleo was still pretty excited about all of her recent accomplishments, and her Charisma-induced socializations have made her braver than when she first arrived, so she found herself a nice (empty) bar and sat down for a drink. Just the one. And then she left. Sure she could have just grabbed a bottle of nectar from the fancy ice-rack, but nothing beats watching a master mixologist fling bottles and glasses around in the air.

The next day was the big day. Theta was invited to teach an art class, so her and Cleo carpooled together! So exciting for them. After school they went by the grocery store and once again picked up matching cakes. Again they blew out their candles at the same time so they could age up together. Everything is less scary when you have someone special to share it with. I love this look that Theta's giving Cleo while they're making their birthday wishes.

Being too old to run around the house they helped each other pick out some Elder-appropriate outfits. As you can see here, Theta is moving around with the aid of a cane. She has been around a looooooong time, you see.

Cleo, for the moment at least, is still dressing in "Educator Chic" and has decided to let her hair grow back out.

Theta's hair has grown as well, but she keeps it in a bun so it won't get caught in her chainsaw should she find the energy to sculpt. She's been painting recently because it's far less strenuous.

They decided it was time to combine their bedrooms and just go ahead and share a room. And bed. The extra warmth under the covers helps ease their aching joints so it's easier to sleep. And the comfort of knowing someone is right there is an added bonus.

It was easy enough selling Theta's old bed. Looking at the empty space they decided to splurge and bought themselves the most expensive hot tub available. It is very relaxing and they've earned it.

Cleo only has one more day of work before being named Superintendant. She wants to retire, though, so I probably won't keep her there after reaching this pinnacle. As I mentioned, Theta has gone from primarily sculpting to painting. At this point there's no real reason for her to change careers (from self-employed sculpter to painter) and I don't think she can "retire". I'll have to look into that. I'm more than a little curious about how these two ladies will decide to spend their retirement. They've both done so much, and Cleo in so much less time. Surely there's something for the Elderly of Moonlit Shores (without readily available grandchildren) to do!

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